5 Things Season 1 Amy Would Hate About Finale Leonard (& 5 She Would Be Proud Of)

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5 Things Season 1 Amy Would Hate About Finale Leonard (& 5 She Would Be Proud Of)

Of all the characters in the Big Bang Theory, Amy Farrah Fowler went through a great transformation from start to finish. It had one of the most interesting and emotionally involved character arcs on the show. She blossomed from an outcast to a confident woman and winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics.

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This changes the way you would view your friends. If I had met them all at the end of the series as Amy from season 1, would Amy from season 1 react differently to Finale Leonard? Bet! Below are some of the ways Amy from season 1 would hate and love Finale Leonard.

10 Would hate: Marry her friend Penny

Season 1 Amy was so awkward socially that she couldn’t even carry on a conversation. Also, poor Amy was so enthralled with Penny from the beginning that she had many awkward moments falling girls in love with her.

If Penny and Leonard were married in season 1 like they were in the finale, season 1 Amy could have gotten very jealous. She was so possessive of Penny that she would definitely have hated Finale Leonard for marrying Penny.

9 I would be proud to: help Sheldon realize his dreams

Sheldon and Amy talking on The Big Bang Theory

Let’s be honest. If Sheldon were left alone, he probably wouldn’t survive well. She needed Leonard to teach her to be a real person with real feelings. He needed Leonard as a sounding board to help him navigate the social situations that remained a mystery to him.

Season 1 Amy would have been proud of anyone who helped her make Sheldon successful, but since Leonard fulfilled this role, in the end, she would be proud of Leonard.

8 I would hate: having a group of friends

Amy and a group of friends looking at a baby

Finale Leonard, as well as Leonard from season 1, always settled in his group of friends. On the other hand, Amy from season 1 came into the group without any friends.

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Eventually Amy was accepted and Penny even demanded to be her bridesmaid at Amy and Sheldon’s wedding when she realized that Amy was her best friend. Would Amy from season 1 be completely jealous of Finale Leonard for all the lifelong friendships she has? Yes absolutely!

7 I would be proud to: Be the best friend

Leonard and Sheldon laughing in The Big Bang Theory

Season 1 Amy might have been limited by her insecurities, but since Leonard was Sheldon’s best friend, eventually her jealousy and insecurities would have eased if she had thought about the ways Leonard supports Sheldon. Leonard benefited the man he loved all those years, even when they met. It’s something that even Amy in season 1 would be proud of.

6 I would hate: the way he treats Sheldon

Leonard and Sheldon speaking on The Big Bang Theory

For him Big Bang Theory In the end, everyone was absolutely fed up with Sheldon as he acted in all the ways that drove his friends crazy. Also, everyone told her, including Amy, who had to develop a spine to stand up to Sheldon when his behavior went off the rails.

Sheldon would hate anyone who came across him and put him on their enemy list, just like he did Will Wheaton. Since season 1 Amy was subservient to Sheldon’s season 1, she would have endorsed Sheldon’s game no matter how unreasonable she was being. Finale Leonard is especially tough on Sheldon. This would have been difficult for Amy from season 1 to relate to, as she still hadn’t endured all of Sheldon’s years of shenanigans.

5 I would be proud to: Be more assertive

Amy and Leonard eating at The Big Bang Theory

All the force behind the Big Bang Theory the growth of the characters is their friendship. They learn from each other and support each other. Season 1 Amy was transformed due to the group’s friendship.

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Season 1 Amy could have learned from Finale Leonard to develop more assertiveness towards the end of the series. Had she had access to Finale Leonard and the way he grew up throughout the seasons, she might even have been proud.

4 I would hate: Leonard to attend the Nobel Prize ceremony

Leonard making a face in The Big Bang Theory

Amy really developed as a character, going from being a strange female copy of Sheldon to an understanding person and good friend.

Season 1 Amy, however, was still filled with all her insecurities, which would not be good for Finale Leonard. Amy and Leonard were never good friends, and the two took a long time to bond. Season 1 Amy may not have been so receptive to Leonard traveling to the awards ceremony on her and Sheldon’s special day.

3 I would be proud of: Having a baby with Penny

Amy with her arm around Penny in The Big Bang Theory

During the finale, fans found out about Penny’s pregnancy. Finale Leonard and Penny would become parents after Penny declared her preference: she didn’t want to have children. In the final episode, however, they were very happy with the news.

Even Amy from season 1 would appreciate this happy occasion. She would probably imagine herself becoming the godmother to Penny’s daughter, spending endless hours babysitting and helping Penny with the baby … The possibility of more Penny time would be endless, and it would make her happy and proud that Leonard create these opportunities for her.

two I would hate: Working with Sheldon

Sheldon, Rajesh Koothrappali, Howard Wolowitz, and Leonard all worked at California University of Technology (Caltech). Remember, jealousy reigns supreme in Amy’s season 1 because she was still unsure in her relationship with the gang. When Amy recovers, she actually gets mad at Sheldon for hijacking her career and placing her with him without her permission. Season 1 Amy would never have done that and it even bothered her that Finale Leonard could live and work with Sheldon.

Who knows? Sheldon and Amy got to live and work together in the end. It seems like season 1 Amy finally got what she wanted after all.

1 I’d be proud to: Make Sheldon realize how much his friends love him

Amy and Sheldon win an award at TBBT

Throughout the show, Sheldon could be hurtful, but everyone knew he couldn’t help it; struggled with social skills. However, in the latest episode, Sheldon’s behavior is so outrageously selfish that his friends, starting with Leonard, scold him for not supporting them with the news of Penny’s pregnancy. This shocking news causes Sheldon to re-evaluate all of his behavior, and he ends by thanking his group of friends at the Nobel Prize ceremony, giving them credit for his success, all started because Leonard stood up for Penny and stood up to him.

Sheldon especially thanks Amy for being his partner, wife and friend at the ceremony. For Sheldon to pay Amy the highest compliment in her entire life would have made Amy’s first season proud and grateful to Leonard for bringing the elephant into the room that everyone avoided up to that point.

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