A Quiet Place 3 Will Struggle To Repeat Part 2’s John Krasinski Trick

adminJune 11, 2021

A Quiet Place 3 Will Struggle To Repeat Part 2’s John Krasinski Trick

A Quiet Place Part II brings back John Krasinski’s Lee for his great opening sequence, but A Quiet Place 3 will have a hard time repeating the trick.

John Krasinski’s Lee Abbott Returns A quiet place, part II, but it is a narrative trick that A quiet place 3 Will fight to repeat. Lee was killed in A peaceful place, giving his life to protect that of his children, Regan (Millicent Simmonds) and Marcus (Noah Jupe). Even though he was killed, and in a very definitive way, Krasinski was still able to return as Lee in A quiet place 2, thanks to the flashbacks.

The opening sequence of A quiet place 2 takes place on Day 1, showing the time just before the monsters arrived on Earth and began to destroy everything in sight (or sound). Seeing Krasinski again is certainly welcome, as he’s once again a strong presence like Lee, and his return helps infuse the sequel with some additional excitement, as well as developing parts of the franchise’s backstory. It was risky to bring Lee back, but it’s worth it.

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However, while Krasinski’s return works here, it is not something that is necessarily replicable in a third film. Another sequel seems likely, as Krasinski already has ideas for A quiet place 3. Presumably he would direct and co-write one more time, which would make an obvious proposition for him to give himself a role as well. But for everyone, having Lee back is definitely a good thing in A quiet place, part II, doing the same thing again runs the risk of causing a feeling of diminishing returns. And on top of that, there’s really not that much narrative or thematic need for it to return.

John Krasinski Daughter Quiet Place 2

Lee’s Return Works On A quiet place 2 because of the timeline. Day 1 is the most exciting part of the mythology to show, at least in terms of how it relates to the Abbotts (there are other events set off around this time that would be worth exploring, such as what is happening in Shanghai). That means it’s more natural for Krasinski to appear, because it shows the time before the monsters, so he has to be involved. On A quiet place 3story, any flashback would probably have to be from a different, somewhat more random part of A peaceful placeThe schedule, which reduces the need for Lee to get involved, but also more simply the need to watch him. The Abbotts’ story picked up at a very crucial point for them, and while showing that the world is going to hell is important to developing the franchise, their own story should focus more on moving forward, not backward.

Similarly, Krasinski is in A quiet place, part II it has a thematic purpose. The opening sequence highlights her relationship with Regan, and over the course of the film, she goes on to show just how much her father’s daughter is. Not only that, but she essentially becomes his replacement; she is the one who discovers the weaknesses of the alien monsters and leads the fight against them. This is very much her story now, and the opening sequence helps not only add more depth to Lee’s death, but also cement just how much Regan is taking on that legacy and carrying it on. It is not entirely impossible. A quiet place 3 I might find a way to involve Lee that works just as well, but it’s a very difficult task that would be even more difficult to accomplish.

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