Alicia Silverstone Recreates Clueless Kiss Fail Scene With New Christian

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Alicia Silverstone Recreates Clueless Kiss Fail Scene With New Christian

Clueless star Alicia Silverstone has recreated a scene from the classic ’90s teen romantic comedy, this time with fashion designer Christian Siriano in Paris.

Alicia Silverstone has recreated the awkward but funny scene from 1995 Clueless in which her character fails to kiss her crush, Christian (Justin Walker). The teen romantic comedy was a huge hit upon release for filmmaker Amy Hecklerling, and has remained popular over the years since then, with a spinoff television series aired between 1996 and 1999. More recently, the fans were excited to learn that a new Clueless The TV show was on its way. Unfortunately, it was revealed earlier this spring that the series would not be moving forward on NBC’s Peacock streamer.

The film was about the daily life of a group of spoiled teenagers from Beverly Hills, most notably Cher (Silverstone). When new girl Tai (Brittany Murphy) arrives at her high school, Cher and her friends are tasked with helping turn the unfortunate teenager into one of the cool kids. There are many important life lessons along the way and possibly one of the main strengths of Clueless is that it eludes the traditional teen comedy model of simply pitting smug kids against those they feel are below them. This is not to say that there is not a lot of snobbery in the film, but the characters employ it in such a frivolous way that it seems genuinely endearing. In addition to the movie’s teen troubles, there’s also an attractive sub-lot involving Cher’s college-age stepbrother Josh (Paul Rudd).

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Among the many memorable moments in Clueless, a particularly embarrassing point arises when Cher’s inexperience leads her to believe that her new friend Christian is the man for her. While Christian is certainly interested in spending time with Cher, he wrongly assumes that she knows that he is gay. The end result is a laughing effort on Cher’s part to kiss Christian, which ends with her rolling out of bed while Christian watches a movie, completely unaware of the mistake. Although a new Clueless The TV series is no longer on its way, Silverstone He recently took the opportunity to recreate the classic scene through his official Instagram account, with his friend and fashion designer, Christian Siriano. Check it out below:

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Clueless Fans will, of course, recognize that the Silverstone and Siriano scene ends very differently than the one in the film version. Rather than finally kissing on the ground, the actual scene sees Cher embarrassed and crushed as she realizes that she and Christian will never be the perfect couple that she believed they could be. This is not the first time Silverstone has used social media to recreate scenes from CluelessAlthough the film was first released more than 25 years ago, Silverstone does not appear to have aged a day. All in all, it’s the closest thing to a return to Clueless with Silverstone that fans are likely to get.

However, it seems strange that, given the wide popularity of Clueless, the movie has not been rebooted nor has it even been made into a sequel. Fans will surely want to see what kind of life Cher leads in 2021 and beyond. Perhaps the interest that Silverstone re-enactments generate on social media will eventually lead to something new in the franchise, but for now at least, Cher’s world will have to stay in 1996.

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