All 6 Justice League Superheroes Assemble In New Snyder Cut Poster

adminMarch 6, 2021

All 6 Justice League Superheroes Assemble In New Snyder Cut Poster

Zack Snyder’s Justice League receives a new poster reuniting all six superheroes ahead of its highly anticipated launch on HBO Max this month.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League gets a new poster reuniting all six superheroes ahead of its highly anticipated release on HBO Max later this month. The film brings together Ben Affleck’s Batman, Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman, Ray Fisher’s Cyborg, Jason Momoa’s Aquaman, Ezra Miller’s Flash, and Henry Cavill’s Superman as they attempt to save the world from a new threat posed by Darkseid and Steppenwolf. , who in turn have a complex relationship. Originally promoted as a four-part television show, League of Justice It is confirmed to be released as a 4-hour standalone film on Warner Bros. ‘streaming service HBO Max in the US and on VOD globally.

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Much changed from the version released by the studio under the hand of controversial director Joss Whedon in 2017, Snyder’s League of Justice includes a wealth of new material and a vastly expanded backstory and myths. The runtime is justified, then, and will hopefully help fix what many saw as a missed opportunity for DC and Warner Bros. to tell a complex superhero story. It could be inconclusive though, as Snyder says it has a suspenseful ending, even though WB doesn’t want the second part. Still, expectations are high, and with less than three weeks to go, the marketing machine is in full swing.

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The last one is a new poster, published by Snyder on Twitter, which brings together the six superheroes. The caption is simply “heroes” and there is no information on the sheet beyond the movie title and the release date on HBO Max. It is, as has become customary for this release, a black and white poster, and stands out for including Superman alongside the rest of the Justice League, something WB did not do in marketing for the theatrical release in 2017. You can see the new poster below:

Superman’s central role in the Snyder montage League of Justice It’s no secret, but his presence on the poster remains a reminder of how WB promoted the film’s theatrical release, refusing to acknowledge that Superman would be resurrected, even as Cavill appeared in interviews for the film. This poster corrects that, placing him in what one would assume is his iconic black suit after his resurrection.

The black and white poster also references the fact that Snyder will release the League of Justice black and white cut on HBO Max sometime in the future, a cut that captioned the Justice is gray edition. However, the first release will be in full color and will hit screens, as seen in the new poster, on March 18.

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Source: Zack snyder/Twitter

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