All The Reasons Why Kim Should Avoid Dating Another Celebrity

adminMarch 17, 2021

All The Reasons Why Kim Should Avoid Dating Another Celebrity

After recently filing for divorce from Kanye West, here’s why Keeping Up With The Kardashians star Kim Kardashian shouldn’t be dating another celebrity.

keeping up with the Kardashians Star Kim Kardashian recently filed for divorce from rapper Kanye West. This is Kim’s third divorce and a celebrity’s second public separation. For this reason, some fans think that you should avoid dating another famous person if you choose to embark on another relationship after your split from Kanye.

Unfortunately, marriage and divorce are nothing new to Kim Kardashian. He experienced his first divorce in 2004 at the age of 24. She was married to music producer Damon Thomas from 2000 to 2004. Kim has claimed in the past that she married Damon while under the influence of illegal substances. She also shared her claims of being physically abused by Damon and how he forced her to undergo plastic surgery. Her second marriage to former NBA player Kris Humphries lasted for 72 days in 2011. The two ended in a messy legal battle after their split, and Kris claimed to have been used by Kim to marry on television and boost the ratings of the reality TV show. his family. .

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Kim Kardashian’s marriage to Kanye West was the longest and the only one involving children. She married Kanye West in 2014 and enjoyed a full six years of marriage before filing for divorce in 2021. Together, they welcomed four children and increased their celebrity status and wealth. They were known as a powerful couple and would often steal the show on the red carpets. Kim seemed to finally have the life he had always dreamed of, but things fell apart in July 2020 when Kanye insisted on his presidential campaign. While many of Kim’s followers have accused her of going after rich and famous men to gain more fame and notoriety for her brand, her net worth is now comparable to Kanye West’s.

As one of the biggest celebrities in the world, it would now be difficult for Kim Kardashian to find a man who would make her even richer and more famous. It is also likely that this time it will not be your goal. Fans have expressed hope that she will date Van Jones, with whom she works closely for prison reform. Dating a businessman or philanthropist seems more appropriate and could help continue the good name that you have built throughout your career.

Now dealing with the reality of her failed third marriage, many of Kim’s fans wonder if she will ever remarry and when and if she will date again. If Kim does return to the dating scene, she should consider her options before embarking on another public romance with a high-profile celebrity for the sake of keeping up with the Kardashians ratings.

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