Amazing, Brutal Fan Art of Knightmare Superman Serving Darkseid

adminMarch 30, 2021

Amazing, Brutal Fan Art of Knightmare Superman Serving Darkseid

A stunning artwork from online artist Ömer Tunç fans shows the Justice League’s Knightmare version of Superman brutally serving Darkseid.

An awesome fan artwork for Zack Snyder’s Justice League shows the Knightmare version of Superman serving Darkseid brutally. Darkseid was removed from the 2017 theatrical cut of League of Justice, but it has been restored in the Snyder Cut, pulling Steppenwolf’s strings from the shadows. The supervillain would have played a major role in Snyder’s cancellation. League of Justice sequels, which would also have seen Clark Kent go to the dark side.

The future of Snyder’s Knightmare would have been the main setting for Justice league 2 – a post-apocalyptic wasteland ruled by the tyrannical Superman regime. The story would have seen Darkseid kill Lois Lane, thus making Superman susceptible to his control through the Anti-Life Equation. Subsequently, Superman waged war against everyone who challenged him, including other former members of the Justice League. The Knightmare glimpsed in moments the Snyder Cut and Batman v. Superman, but his full story will probably never be completed on screen.

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In a stunning artwork from a new fan, artist Ömer Tunç (Kalmahul on Instagram), shows the brutality waged by Knightmare Superman in the service of Darkseid. Darkseid sits on a massive stone throne in fan art, staring down at a bent, pleading Kal-El. In his hands, Superman holds the severed heads of Wonder Woman and Batman, a grim symbol of the carnage he would have waged if Snyder’s League of Justice the aftermath come true. Check out the art below:

Even after critical and popular success Zack Snyder’s Justice League has found on HBO Max, there appears to be no intention of resuming his original DCEU plans. Snyder himself has emphasized that such a decision is out of his hands, and Warner Bros. has made it clear that its intentions for the franchise have not changed due to the success of the Snyder Cut. At least for now, it appears that Knightmare will not get a proper resolution.

Fortunately, Snyder has at least been quite open about what his films would have shown undone, including Flash using the cosmic treadmill to contact Bruce Wayne in the past, a scene teased in Batman v. Superman. Snyder’s DCEU may have had some issues, but it’s also undeniable that he built a League of Justice story that many fans have found incredibly compelling. Perhaps one day they will see the entire saga completed, but in the likely event that they don’t, the Snyder Cut has given the story a strong sendoff. The fact that Zack Snyder’s Justice League freed is a feat in itself.

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Source: Kalmahul

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