American Underdog Movie BTS Video Features Zachary Levi & Kurt Warner

adminJuly 14, 2021

American Underdog Movie BTS Video Features Zachary Levi & Kurt Warner

Zachary Levi plays legendary quarterback Kurt Warner on American Underdog, revealing a behind-the-scenes look ahead of his release.

Lionsgate Movies has featured a behind-the-scenes video for their biopic, American Helpless, which will hit theaters this December. The film will tell the story of professional American Football Hall of Fame quarterback Kurt Warner. Warner’s unique journey from grocery store clerk to Super Bowl champion was fraught with challenges, but his support system, work ethic and determination enabled him to achieve his dreams. With the help of Michael Silver, Warner detailed his story in the book, All possible things, which served as the inspiration for the film.

Warner and his wife, Brenda Warner, are executive producers of Helpless American, starring Zachary Levi (Kurt) and Anna Paquin (Brenda). Dennis Quaid stars as Dick Vermeil, who led Warner and his fellow Rams to a Super Bowl victory in 2000. Adam Baldwin, Bruce McGill and Ser’Darius Blain are also part of the supporting cast. Andrew and Jon Erwin, also known as the Erwin brothers, direct the film. Jon Erwin also wrote the script with David Aaron Cohen and Jon Gunn.

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Lionsgate take viewers behind the scenes to promote American underdog with a recently released behind-the-scenes video. In the video, Levi can be seen talking about Warner’s rise to success and the difficulty of playing a Hall of Fame quarterback. The video also features interviews with Paquin, Brenda Warner, and Kurt Warner himself. Warner says: “I’ve heard so many people over the years say that they’ve been inspired, encouraged, by my story, and that’s what I think is cool.. “In addition to the interviews, the video also features clips from the film and interactions between Levi and Warner on set. Watch the full video below:

Check out the original video here

Based on the short video, American underdog It looks like it will be a must-see movie for football lovers, but it also looks like it will be a movie that everyone else can enjoy and learn from. Questions about accuracy always come up for movies that are based on true stories. However, the fact that the Warners are tied to this project is a good indication that many of the details in the movie will correspond to what actually happened in Warner’s life.

Although playing in the NFL was Warner’s goal, his methods of achieving that goal can be applied to any goal one may have. Struggles inevitably arise during the pursuit of any kind of dream, but Warner proved that certain struggles can be overcome through dedication and perseverance. The Covid-19 pandemic forced many people to postpone their lives and dreams last year; American underdog it could be the movie to inspire those people to resume the work necessary to make their dreams come true.

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