Ana de Armas Elbows A Guy In The Face in Stunt Video

adminNovember 13, 2021

Ana de Armas Elbows A Guy In The Face in Stunt Video

Ana de Armas’ stunning stunt work on James Bond gets another spotlight in a new behind-the-scenes video for No Time to Die, ending on a silly note.

Ana de Armas is an action star in a new behind-the-scenes video for No time to die, which shows her nudging a specialist in the face. After several production mishaps and countless launch delays, No time to die, the latest installment in the long-running James Bond franchise, finally hit theaters in early October. No time to sayme It served as Daniel Craig’s swan song, and based on fan and critical reactions, it was a fitting send-off for the man who changed the typical conventions of a James Bond movie. No time to die It has also been raising a lot of money around the world, having made $ 667 million worldwide at the time of this writing.

The buzz that surrounds No time to die It might primarily revolve around Craig’s departure, but the movie also featured some exciting newcomers to the franchise. In addition to 00 Nomi’s (Lashana Lynch) new agent, Paloma de Ana de Armas received rave reviews from fans. Although she has only a small role in No time to die, the CIA rookie has an impact when Bond turns to her for help. De Armas was able to show off his action skills, which continue to be the center of attention in a new BTS video.

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On Sunday, the officer James bond social media account revealed a new look at de Armas No time to die stunts. The video shows De Armas both in rehearsal and during filming, revealing how much work the Golden Globe-nominated actress put into her stunts. The video ends with a cheeky moment when she elbows a doppelganger in the face. Check it out below.

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De Armas’ action skills in No time to die They have apparently led to a role in another beloved action franchise. Just a couple of weeks ago, it was announced that De Armas was in talks to star in a John wick spin-off, which many believe would be the perfect continuation of his James Bond character. Paloma was a breath of fresh air for the Bond franchise, both on her own and as part of the new generation of female characters on full display in There is no time to die.

Many hope to see Paloma de De Armas return to Link 26, but with so little knowledge about that movie, it’s hard to say if it will. Bond producers have yet to share their future plans for the franchise, including who might be under consideration to replace Craig. Regardless of whether De Armas has the opportunity to repeat it. No time to die On paper, he has made his mark on the series with his fun and action-packed character.

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Source: James bond/Twitter

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