Andy Serkis Walked On All Fours In Public To Prepare For Gollum In LOTR

adminMarch 11, 2021

Andy Serkis Walked On All Fours In Public To Prepare For Gollum In LOTR

The Lord of the Rings’ Andy Serkis, who played the husky-voiced Gollum, admits that he used to walk on all fours to prepare for the role.

The Lord of the rings Andy Serkis, who played the husky-voiced Gollum, admits that he used to walk on all fours to prepare for the role. 2021 marks the 20th anniversary of the first Lord of the Rings film, The Community of Ring, So nostalgia is in the air Director Peter Jackson took JRR Tolkien’s iconic fantasy series and turned it into an epic on the big screen that, to this day, remains a paramount achievement. The classic story of good versus evil enchanted audiences from left to right, and the last film in the trilogy, Return of the King, holds the movie record for winning the most Oscars in one night.

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The Lord of the rings it’s packed with many memorable characters, but the one who leaves perhaps the most lasting impression is Gollum. Serkis provided the voice and motion capture work for Gollum, who fans know was once a hobbit named Smeagol. However, over the years, Smeagol was corrupted by the influence of the Ring and turned into a hideous creature. Serkis performed it with great success and even returned for the first Jackson installment. Hobbit trilogy.

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Serkis recently sat down for an interview with The Guardian, where he talked about all kinds of things. Inevitably, I had a few tidbits to share about The Lord of the rings. When prompted to fill in the blank for “Used to walk, “Serkis revealed that he walked on all fours off set to prepare for his role while filming the trilogy.”I spent a lot of time preparing for that. [as Gollum]; He would go out walking on all fours for hours.“He said. Hilariously, Serkis also admitted that this made things awkward when he encountered other people.”Every now and then I came into contact with other people so I just had to pretend I was looking for something. It’s fair to say it’s a pretty method.“He explained. Very method indeed.

Even with motion capture, there is no question that playing Gollum was a very physical role. Gollum does not walk like a normal person, but crawls hunched over most of the time. To better represent this, Serkis would have needed to feel very comfortable moving in unique ways. It’s clear that he took it seriously and made the effort to make it really natural for him. Serkis’ performance as Gollum is one of the highlights of The Lord of the rings, so his behind-the-scenes method of working definitely paid off.

Between the Fellowship of the Ringupcoming anniversary and Amazon’s ongoing program, the Lord of the Rings The series is getting additional attention these days. The Amazon series takes place thousands of years before the movies, so fans shouldn’t expect to see Gollum appear. However, there are other Lord of the Rings characters that could make an appearance. The show itself has some pretty big shoes to fill when it comes to live-action explorations of Middle-earth, and hopefully it will make the most of the opportunity, just as Serkis did.

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Source: The Guardian

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