Armie Hammer Dropped From Billion Dollar Spy Movie After Assault Allegations

adminApril 4, 2021

Armie Hammer Dropped From Billion Dollar Spy Movie After Assault Allegations

Armie Hammer has been pulled from another production after rape allegations against the star continue to cast him in a disturbing light.

Content Warning: The following article contains discussions of sexual violence.

Actor Armie Hammer has been removed from Billion dollar spy after new accusations of assault. The 34-year-old star is known for a wide range of critically acclaimed films, including The social network, call me by your name, and Sorry to bother youBut the recent rape allegations are painting a very dark picture of Hammer’s off-camera life.

After debuting in the acclaimed sitcom Development arrested In 2005, Hammer found roles in a variety of television shows and small movies. However, it was in 2010 that the young actor landed the double role of the Winklevoss twins Cameron and Tyler in David Fincher’s film. The social network that the public really began to notice. To date, Hammer has arguably had no more flashy and acclaimed role than Oliver in the multi-Oscar nominated LGBTQ + coming-of-age story in 2017. Call me by your name. Although it seems that Hammer would fit well in the action genre and has taken on projects like Uncle’s man as well as Free shot, His acting options have been diverse, making it clear that he does not want to be pigeonholed.

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As recent rape allegations against Hammer continue to resonate, Variety has now reported that he has been removed from the upcoming spy thriller, Billion Dollar Spy. This marks the third project from which Hammer has been withdrawn after a woman identified only as “Effie” first detailed her allegations against Hammer online in January and came out publicly on March 18, accusing Hammer of having “violently raped her. “in 2017, repeatedly. banging his head against a wall and perpetrating other “violent acts” against him. Apart from Billion Dollar Spy, the other two projects that Hammer will stop starring in are the biographical drama series The offer as well as the romantic comedy Marriage by force.

Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer in The Lone Ranger

These latest allegations against Hammer are not an isolated incident. The 34-year-old has been at the center of some rather disturbing claims in recent weeks. Earlier this year a large number of direct messages were leaked on social media that supposedly belonged to him, in which Hammer spoke graphically about fantasies he has about rape, violence and cannibalism. By his own admission during a 2013 interview with Playboy magazine, Hammer admitted that he was a “domineering lover” in the days leading up to his (now terminated) marriage to Elizabeth Chambers. Additionally, several former girlfriends of the star have now come forward to detail their experiences with him involving violence, with one woman in particular revealed that Hammer expressed a desire to remove and eat his rib.

Hammer has responded to these accusations by calling them “nonsense,” although there is no denying that Hollywood is taking them very seriously. He’s already been fired by his agency, and his firing from Billion Dollar Spy as well as the other two movies that you have missed now, it means that your list is clear of all the remaining projects. Hopefully, Hammer’s accusers get the justice and reassurance they deserve, because as things currently stand, Hammer’s reputation is deeply disturbing.

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Source: Variety

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