Army of the Dead Ending Surprise Character Reveal Teased By Dave Bautista

adminApril 25, 2021

Army of the Dead Ending Surprise Character Reveal Teased By Dave Bautista

During last weekend’s Justice Con event, Dave Bautista hyped the ending of Army of the Dead and even hinted at a surprise character reveal.

Dave Bautista teases the reveal of a surprise character at the end of Netflix Army of the dead. With Army of the dead, director Zack Snyder returns to the zombie genre for the first time since his directorial debut, 2004 Dawn of the Dead Redo. This original zombie story will combine a heist movie with the undead, as a group of mercenaries venture into the Las Vegas quarantine zone to steal $ 200 million from a casino. Bautista’s Scott Ward leads the group, which also includes characters played by Omari Hardwick, Ella Purnell, Garret Dillahunt, and Tig Notaro.

Army of the dead it’s just the beginning of a new universe with Netflix as there are additional projects in the works. A prequel film focused on the character of Matthias Schweighöfer and titled Army of thieves production ended last year. In addition, there will be an animated series that will focus on the characters from the early days of the zombie outbreak. If other Army of the dead Projects that could crop up in the future remain to be seen, but it looks like the movie could have some setup for a sequel.

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Bautista appeared last weekend Justice With event during sunday Army of the dead focus to discuss the movie. At two different points in his panel, Bautista highlighted his excitement for the film’s ending, which also includes a surprise character. “I am obsessed with the ending of this movie. I think it has one of the strongest endings of a movie that I have ever seen.“Said Bautista.”It is so well done. It’s a really good old-fashioned narrative. And it leaves you wanting more. I can’t even talk about the actor at the end of the movie, but his acting is so strong, he’s so interesting.. “Elsewhere, he reiterated,”There is something in the ending of this movie that I am absolutely obsessed with.. “

Dave Bautista and Zack Snyder on the set of Army of the Dead

Obviously, he couldn’t go into details due to spoilers, but it sounds like Snyder’s. Army of the dead has all the ending. Whether it ends with a suspense or just a satisfying conclusion remains to be seen, but Bautista’s insistence that it leaves the audience wanting more suggests there could be a sequel setup. Plus, his mention of a surprise actor will undoubtedly send fans into speculation mode. Army of the deadThe mystery character could really be anyone, and it could even be someone who appears throughout the entire movie. Bautista could be keeping his identity a secret to hide which characters survive the zombies.

At the same time, it sounds like Army of the dead will have a surprise cameo at the end. Fans should feel free to theorize about who it might be, but they might as well be smart to exercise some caution. As seen with WandaVision Earlier this year, actor comments can really mean anything, and the audience better take some teasing with a grain of salt. Regardless of the secret actor, Bautista has a lot of enthusiasm for Army of the dead‘s finale, and fans should be excited about what’s to come.

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