Army Of The Dead: How Was The First Zombie Created?

adminMay 26, 2021

Army Of The Dead: How Was The First Zombie Created?

The zombie leader of the Army of the Dead, Zeus, is the progenitor of the zombie outbreak, but where did he come from and why does he have unique abilities?

As was Army of the deadWas alpha zombie Zeus created? Zack Snyder’s zombie heist movie has finally made it to general release on Netflix, and the movie is the opening chapter of an already significantly built franchise. Two prequels are on the way in the form of Army of thieves, directed by Matthias Schweighöfer (who plays Dieter in the first film), along with an anime-style series Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas. As things currently stand, the origins of the zombie outbreak in Army of the dead they remain relatively vague.

The film begins with a military convoy transporting the zombie Alpha Zeus, played by Richard Cetrone, only for a road accident that allows him to escape, biting some soldiers who then transform into Alphas before setting his sights on nearby Las. Vegas. . How he came to be Zeus is never openly stated in the film, but various comments Snyder has made in interviews about the film shed some light on the origins of the zombie.

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Snyder has specifically referred to Area 51 as the point of origin for the zombie plague. With Zeus being transported in an armored military transport, and Las Vegas a short distance after his escape, this strongly suggests that this is where he is being transported from. As for how exactly Zeus himself came to be patient zero of the growing zombie population, Snyder also offered clues on the subject.

Specifically, Snyder has indicated that the aliens are connected to the origins of Zeus in some way. Of course, within a sci-fi context, aliens tend to come to mind first at the mention of Area 51, but the exact details of how Zeus became the progenitor of Alpha zombies remain unknown. Of course, that probably won’t be the case for much longer.

Army of the dead Establish a unique zombie hierarchy consisting of the typical “Shamblers” and the more intelligent “Alphas”. The essential collapse is that a bite from Zeus turns humans into Alphas, while a bite from another Alpha turns them into Shamblers. Clearly, this makes Zeus the most important zombie (and character) in the world. Army of the dead myths; He is a key figure for the zombie virus because of the unique way he affects and transmits it. Based on what is known about its origins, government experimentation, perhaps with alien technology of some kind, is a likely explanation for its zombification.

Both Army of thieves Y Lost vegas explore the world before the rise of zombies in Army of the deadBut the latter will apparently take a deeper and more direct dive into what led to it, with numerous cast members from the film reprising their respective roles. It’s probably a good bet that Lost vegas It will show Zeus when he was still human and the circumstances that led to his zombie transformation. With the aliens and Area 51 having some role to play in the creation of Zeus, his first appearance in Army of the dead It surely won’t be the last, with the franchise’s prequel entries set to open the curtain on the events leading up to the zombie outbreak and how Zeus himself became the first of the Alphas.

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