Army of the Dead VR Experience Trailer Looks Terrifyingly Fun

adminMay 29, 2021

Army of the Dead VR Experience Trailer Looks Terrifyingly Fun

A new trailer for the Army of the Dead VR experience looks like scary fun. The experience is based on the Dave Bautista movie, which is airing now.

A new trailer for the Army of the dead The virtual reality experience seems like terrifying fun. The virtual reality game is based on the movie of the same name by Zack Snyder. The film, which recently launched on Netflix last week, received a mixed response, with praise for its cast but criticism for its length.

Now a new trailer for Netflix Geeked is terrorizing fans with a preview of its virtual reality experience. Army of the Dead – Viva Las Vengeance is a brand new virtual reality game based on the Snyder movie. In the trailer, the Vengeance team battles hordes of zombies from a taco truck. “Vegas has fallen“reads in advance.”We bring the headphones, you bring the headshots”. Fans imagine themselves donning virtual reality tech and shooting zombies, before an unwanted guest joins them in the truck! Check out the trailer below:

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But how do budding zombie killers get in? By signing up for a waiting list, Army of the dead fans will have exclusive access. The experience takes place in real life (zombies are not real), in New York, Los Angeles, DC and, of course, Las Vegas. Future cities in the US and Europe will be available in due course. Participants show up in their best post-apocalyptic dress, hop on the tactical taco truck, and don their virtual reality headsets.

The current hype surrounding the newly released Snyder movie likely means the waiting list will be long. However, with all the excitement and excitement that the trailer brings alone, this new VR experience certainly seems worth the wait. Army of the dead is available to stream now.

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