Army of the Dead’s Team Are Better Zombie Killers Than Snyder’s Dawn Group

adminMarch 24, 2021

Army of the Dead’s Team Are Better Zombie Killers Than Snyder’s Dawn Group

Zack Snyder says that the Army of the Dead team are slightly better zombie killers than the characters in their 2004 film Dawn of the Dead.

Army of the deadZack Snyder’s upcoming Netflix movie Zombie Heist features a group of expert zombie killers who are better than the ones who appeared in his Dawn of the Dead. Snyder returns to his roots for the film, after making his feature film directorial debut with Dawn of the Dead in 2004, it turned out to be a successful remake of the George A. Romero classic (and featured a script from future superhero film director James Gunn). The film established Snyder’s signature visual style and turned him into a director that people either love or hate.

After doing 300, Watchers, Sucker Punch, And after spending most of the last decade working in the DC Extended Universe, Snyder is tackling another bloody R-rated zombie extravaganza. Scheduled for release on May 21, Snyder calls. Army of the dead a personal film not made by the committee, a not-so-subtle dig into Warner Bros. studio heads, who he bumped into numerous times while doing Man of Steel, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, Y League of Justice. But for those who are concerned, Snyder is simply checking old ground with Army of the dead, the director has pointed out how different the approach of the two films is.

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Talking to EmpireSnyder says in Army of the dead the team you have assembled are “expert“in killing zombies, contrasting them with the characters of Dawn of the Dead, what were they “inventing on the fly. “He also talked about how fun it was to design a world where the characters happily wade through a”sea ​​of ​​the dead. “Snyder also shared a new image of Army of the dead, showing Omari Hardwick’s character Vanderohe carrying a giant saw that he uses to cut through legions of the undead. You can read Snyder’s comments below and check out the new image below:

These guys are a little better at killing zombies than my team at Dawn was. They were inventing it on the fly. While in this movie, we get to expert zombie killers. It’s insanely fun to watch and design a world where this handful of incredibly gifted zombie killers are happy to ply their trade in a literal sea of ​​the dead. It is a rescue saw. Basically you could cut through a car door with it if need be, or punch a hole in a wall to escape. But you could also kill a zombie. And that’s going to happen, right?

Omari Hardwicke as Vanderohe in Army of the Dead

Synder’s comments relate to the action-driven focus of the images and footage seen so far. It is empty Army of the dead It is much more of an action movie than a traditional horror, perfectly suited to the director’s style. In fact, almost everything in the movie seems to be Snyder returning to his action roots, unfettered by his mythological approach to superhero movies that he was making in the 2010s.

That, combined with Army of the Dead Brilliant take on his signature visual style, he hints that this movie might just be the funniest the director has made in a long time. And that can only be a good thing, as the premise of a zombie heist movie almost demands a fun and explosive approach. The public will discover how fun it is Army of the dead it’s in a couple of months.

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Source: Empire

  • Army of the Dead (2021)Release Date: May 21, 2021

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