Arnold Schwarzenegger Pranks Danny Devito On Twins 2 Set in BTS Video

adminOctober 17, 2021

Arnold Schwarzenegger Pranks Danny Devito On Twins 2 Set in BTS Video

Arnold Schwarzenegger reveals his revenge prank on Twins 2 co-star Danny DeVito in a hilarious behind-the-scenes video.

Arnold Schwarzenegger jokes Cufflinks 2 co-star Danny DeVito in a hilarious behind-the-scenes video. Schwarzenegger and DeVito became an unlikely duo in the 1988 comedy directed by Ivan Reitman. Twins. Thanks in large part to the chemistry of the stars, the film was a huge success, grossing $ 216 million.

After that success, Schwarzenegger and DeVito would pair up again in 1994. Junior with Reitman also back on the team. Unfortunately, that collaboration would lead to more embarrassment than laughter, which is no surprise given its strange premise that Schwarzenegger gets pregnant. Now the much older team of Schwarzenegger, DeVito and Reitman are back for a third try, and they have wisely chosen to do another. Twins movie instead of Junior 2. Officially titled Triplets, the sequel to Twins takes the next logical step by bringing in a very different third brother, to be played by the ever-hilarious Tracy Morgan (after Eddie Murphy was originally supposed to play the role).

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Indeed Triplets He’s getting ready to get started and it looks like Schwarzenegger and DeVito still have their comic chemistry. In a clip you just posted Schwarzenegger Through his YouTube channel, DeVito receives a gift from his former co-star while the two are together to promote. Triplets and quickly realizes that the present is not quite what it seems, which causes hilarity. See the video in the space below:

Check out this video here

In his newsletter, Schwarzenegger explained the story behind his funny joke about DeVito (via CinemaBlend):

This month I also got together with my friend Danny DeVito to promote our movie Triplets! Ivan Reitman, our director who you know from Twins, Kindergarten Cop, and Ghostbusters, wanted to get us together with our new third brother, Tracy Morgan about Zoom. Naturally, I saw this as the perfect opportunity to bring back a joke Danny played on me so many years ago on the set of Twins. You may remember the story of Danny putting marijuana in my cigar. Well this time we turn the tables! We waited until the end of the session and gave the gift to Danny. But sadly, he still has the nose of a bloodhound and sniffed the special ingredient right away. Here’s the video of me handing him the cigar. I’m still waiting for Danny to send me the video of him trying it on later that night.

Schwarzenegger is, of course, known for his love of cigars, and indeed he is often seen smoking them in behind-the-scenes clips of his various films. So one can only imagine the shock the actor experienced when he lit the cigar he originally received from DeVito on the set of Twins and discovered that it contained more than just tobacco. Unfortunately, his attempt to flip DeVito didn’t exactly work, as the It’s always sunny in Philly It took the actor only one sniff of Schwarzenegger’s gift to realize it was no ordinary cigar. But DeVito was not discouraged and still accepted the gift, promising “fire it up” later.

Schwarzenegger and DeVito may be more than thirty years away from the original. Twins But it’s clear that the two stars still enjoy being together. In fact, this bodes well for Triplets being able to relive some of the comedy magic that made the original Twins such a massive success. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to bring in Morgan, an actor who is capable of being explosively funny in almost any role. It’s also an advantage to have veteran comedy director Reitman back at the helm, even though the Ghostbusters The director himself is seven years away from his last job as a director. Cufflinks 2 has no release date yet.

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Source: Arnold Schwarzenegger / YouTube, CinemaBlend

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