Black Adam Movie Casts Pierce Brosnan As DC Superhero Dr. Fate

adminMarch 29, 2021

Black Adam Movie Casts Pierce Brosnan As DC Superhero Dr. Fate

Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam solo film features former James Bond actor Pierce Brosnan as the DCEU superhero and JSA member Dr. Fate.

DC Black adam features Pierce Brosnan as the mighty hero Dr. Fate. Dwayne Johnson has been waiting to join the DC Extended Universe for nearly a decade to play the antihero Black Adam. In recent years, Warner Bros. and DC Films turned their attention to a solo project that can further capitalize on Johnson’s global star power. Black adam However, it has still taken quite a while to get going, but the last year has finally brought positive developments.

In addition to Black adam Serving as an introduction to Johnson’s antihero (who will “rebalance power” in the DCEU), the film will be used to expand the roster of heroes in the universe. It was previously revealed that the Justice Society of America would appear alongside Black Adam in the solo film. Noah Centineo was the first cast member to join the film, and the up-and-coming star will play the ever-changing hero Atom Smasher. JSA’s initial roster will also include Cyclone, Hawkman, and Dr. Fate, and it is now confirmed who will play the latter.

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According to THR, previous James bond star Pierce Brosnan joins the cast of Black adam. He’s set to play Kent Nelson, aka Dr. Fate. This will be Brosnan’s first superhero movie and officially completes the film’s JSA roster. Brosnan will get to work pretty quickly Black adam Filming begins next month, despite the film not having a confirmed release date as of this writing.

Black Adam the Rock Doctor Destiny

Kent Nelson, also known as Dr. Fate, is one of DC’s oldest superheroes. The character first appeared in 1940 when Gardner Fox and Howard Sherman included him in More funny comics # 55. Kent discovers an ancient being known as Nabu, who granted him magical powers. Nabu’s spirit guides Kent on his adventures, and he is unable to feel emotions while wearing the character’s classic golden helmet. Dr. Fate is also one of the founding members of the Justice Society in the comics, and it looks like he will be the senior statesman on the team in Black adam.

Now that all of the JSA members and most of the other main cast members have been found for Black adamBrosnan is the biggest name on the call sheet besides Johnson. The film includes Aldis Hodge as Hawkman and Quintessa Swindell as Cyclone. The roles of Marwan Kenzari and Sarah Shahi are unconfirmed, but both have been teased for being villains. There will probably be some additional casting announcements to come. Black adam in the coming weeks as WB and DC fill in more minor supporting roles. However, Brosnan’s Dr. Fate should appear prominently throughout the film.

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Source: THR

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