Blood Red Sky Trailer Teases Netflix’s Vampires on A Plane Movie

adminJune 9, 2021

Blood Red Sky Trailer Teases Netflix’s Vampires on A Plane Movie

Netflix has released a trailer for Blood Red Sky, a vampire action horror film aboard a transatlantic flight starring Peri Baumeister.

Netflix has released the trailer for Blood red sky. As part of Netflix’s ambitious 2021 release schedule, Rat Pack Filmproduktion’s English-German action horror film is scheduled to hit the streaming platform on July 23 after overcoming COVID-19 related production delays. . Formerly known as Transatlantic 473, the vampire movie was directed and co-written by Peter Thorwarth, who previously released a short version of the project in 2015 with a different cast and crew.

When terrorists take over a night transatlantic flight, a woman suffering from a mysterious illness (The last KingdomPeri Baumeister) is forced to act. With her son’s life at risk, the woman must free her inner vampire to save her son, her fellow travelers, and herself from the machinations of the terrorist hijackers in the sky. While horror hasn’t always been Netflix’s main focus, Blood red skythe plot It certainly balances the film’s action thriller setting with its vampire lead.

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Now, Netflix has released the teaser trailer for Blood red sky. A tense score permeates the claustrophobic kidnapping scenes, and while the terrorists insist their demands are strictly monetary, it soon becomes clear that they don’t mind shedding a little blood to send a message to their hostages. As the situation grows increasingly dangerous, the ailing woman realizes that the only way to save her son and everyone else from a bleak fate is to shed her struggling humanity. After leaving her son in the care of another passenger, the woman undergoes a gruesome transformation from a busy economy to a vengeful bloodsucker. Check out the full teaser below!

How Blood red sky lands in vampire movie canon has yet to be seen, but its trailer features at least one actor already known to vampire movie lovers: Prison BreakDominic Purcell, who previously played Drake / Dracula alongside Wesley Snipes in Trinity blade. As one of the film’s armed terrorists, Purcell can be seen responding to his leader’s orders at full blast through the aircraft’s public address system. And while that leader may not receive more than one voice in the trailer, it is possible that the voice belongs to the most successful actor in the cast who is not seen in the teaser images. Atomic blondeRoland Møller.

Backed by current themes and a dizzying setup, Blood red sky seems to be an exciting starter for the upcoming vampire revival. Weather Twilight and similar movies seemingly bled the genre over the past decade, releases scheduled for 2022 as Mahershala Ali Sword reboot and jared leto Morbius suggest that the mainstream public’s appetite for vampire food will be aroused in the coming years. With a little luck, Blood red sky It could be the first of many high-quality, low-budget vampire movies to emerge alongside the bloodsucking blockbusters of the next few years.

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