Chad Michael Murray To Play Ted Bundy In New Thriller American Boogeyman

adminMay 30, 2021

Chad Michael Murray To Play Ted Bundy In New Thriller American Boogeyman

One Tree Hill star Chad Michael Murray will be seen as Ted Bundy in Voltage Pictures’ upcoming thriller American Boogeyman.

Chad Michael Murray plays Ted Bundy in upcoming Voltage Pictures thriller American boogeyman. Breaking the stratosphere of pop culture with One Tree Hill, Murray quickly found a seat in the teen heartthrob class of the 2000s. He later lent his talents to darker characters, and most recently returned to The CW to channel the creepy cult leader Edgar Evernever in Riverdale. The film features an invaluable perspective on the notorious story, focusing on the intrepid FBI detective and rookie profiler who led the search for Bundy in the 1970s.

Daily display reports actor plays serial killer Ted Bundy in upcoming movie American boogeyman. American boogeyman It already has a release date through Fathom Events, which will be released in theaters in the United States on August 16. Meanwhile, Voltage and Dark Star Pictures will handle subsequent rights, with a debut projected in September. Voltage Pictures President and COO Jonathan Deckter spoke about the cast choice with a statement:

“Murray is so talented and masterfully captures Bundy’s allure and seductive nature, traits the notorious killer exploited to gain the trust of his victims and society. It’s great to continue working with the talented Lucas and Dan on this role and bring compelling narratives to the screen. “

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The Dan he refers to is Daniel Farrands (The murder of Nicole Brown Simpson), who sits at the head of the project as a scriptwriter and director. Voltage Pictures secured the global rights to his thriller, which is currently in post-production. Murray leads the cast, which notably also includes Lin Shaye (the Insidious franchise) and Holland Roden (MTV’s Teen wolf).

Murray is not the first known name that lends his charm to Bundy. NCIS Star Mark Harmon was one of the first famous actors to step into the killer’s shoes for a 1986 television miniseries. The stranger next to me cast Billy Campbell to play the evil role in 2000. Most recently, Zac Efron gained a lot of attention for playing Bundy on Netflix 2019 Extremely wicked, shockingly wicked and vile. Based on past castings, one thing is clear; Pairing a star name with Bundy’s is a sure way to American boogeyman For call the atention.

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