Chris Evans Says The One Avenger He’d Switch Roles With Is Iron Man

adminMarch 27, 2021

Chris Evans Says The One Avenger He’d Switch Roles With Is Iron Man

Now that his stint as Captain America is over in the MCU, Chris Evans admits that he would like to swap roles with Robert Downey Jr. and play Iron Man.

Chris Evans looks back on his time in the MCU and chooses Robert Downey Jr. Iron Man as the Avenger with whom you would like to swap roles. Debuting in Captain America the First Avenger In 2011, Evans played the role of Steve Rogers for almost a decade before retiring it in Avengers Endgame. Now, Sam Wilson is ready to take his place as the next crashed Avenger, as he advances his heroic arc in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

Like Steve, Tony Stark also ended his MCU arc in the Joe and Anthony Russo-directed film. But unlike the Super Soldier who survived the fight against Thanos and was able to reunite with Peggy Carter in the past, the billionaire genius sacrificed himself for the cause. Knowing that it could kill him, he used the power of the Infinity Stones to defeat the Mad Titan, which eventually worked. Now the franchise looks and feels different without two of its most prominent heroes, but Evans says that if given the opportunity, the other Avenger he would like to play is Iron Man.

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During a recent interview with ACE Universe, the actor was asked if there were any other Avengers with whom he would switch roles. Evans was quick to make up his mind and cast Downey’s Iron Man because the role is so much fun and it’s what really drives the storytelling in the MCU. However, the actor added that considering how perfect the casting for the role was, there’s no way anyone could do a better job than Downey did. Evans said:

You know, I’ll say … I mean, I’ll say [Robert] Downey [Jr.], Iron Man … Paychecks would be nice, but paper is a lot of fun. The role is, you know, he’s the engine, it’s life. But I guess that’s like signing up for failure. I don’t think there’s anything anyone on this planet can do that improves what Downey has done in any way, you know what I mean? I do not consider that a role that is going to be like a James Bond or a Superman or Batman, that somehow other people bite the apple. He is Iron Man, the end.

Often times, Iron Man and Captain America clashed during their shared time in the MCU, and that’s a creative decision that makes sense. The heroes couldn’t be more different, with Steve Rogers doing things in the most traditional way, while Tony Stark was always looking for new ways to move forward. Their relationship was really destroyed in Captain America: Civil War when Tony found out that Bucky killed his parents and Steve intentionally hid it from him. It took Thanos’s annihilation and five more years since that tragedy to bring them back together as they put their differences aside and put their common mission first.

Despite the complicated dynamics of their characters in the MCU, Evans and Downey are nothing more than great off-camera friends. In fact, Downey was instrumental in bringing his co-star into the franchise after he repeatedly turned down the offer to play Captain America. So in addition to fans having to deal with the absence of Iron Man and Captain America in the franchise, it’s also disappointing that both actors are technically no longer a part of it.

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Source: ACE Universe

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