Chris Hemsworth Shares BTS Love & Thunder Image With Chris Pratt

adminJune 13, 2021

Chris Hemsworth Shares BTS Love & Thunder Image With Chris Pratt

Chris Hemsworth shares a new behind-the-scenes look from Thor: Love and Thunder of himself and Chris Pratt to celebrate Chris Evans’ birthday.

Chris Hemsworth shares a new behind-the-scenes photo of Thor: love and thunder with him and Chris Pratt. As the Marvel Cinematic Universe expanded, characters from different franchises began to interact. This was especially true at the end of Infinity Saga when all of the MCU heroes came together to fight Thanos. These teams have provided excellent matches between established characters, and the comic partnership between Thor and the Guardians of the Galaxy was a huge hit on Avengers: infinity war.

Since Avengers Endgame ended with Thor boarding the Guardians of the Galaxy ship, fans immediately hoped their next appearances would be together. That will happen in Thor: love and thunder, as the entire Guardian team is scheduled to return to the God of Thunder. Unofficial photos from the set of the Australian production revealed the first look at the “Asgardians of the Galaxy” working together, and the new costumes that most of the characters have in Taika Waititi’s film. Now, a new look has come to the team.

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Hemsworth kept Marvel fans up-to-date with new teases from Thor: love and thunder throughout its production, and although filming is taking place, its publications are not. The last look shows him and Chris Pratt hanging out between scenes and being somewhat goofy. The Instagram post was made to celebrate MCU star Chris Evans and his 40th birthday, with Hemsworth joking that Evans will always be his favorite Chris. However, with this hilarious post, Hemsworth has shared a great look at Thor and Star-Lord’s upcoming adventure.

This up-close look at Thor and Star-Lord’s new costumes in Thor: love and thunder don’t reveal too much that the original set photos didn’t.Still, Marvel fans should enjoy the image and see a glimpse of the bond Hemsworth and Pratt have together. Their on-screen comic chemistry is excellent and that could be a direct translation of their off-screen relationship. While Star-Lord and the Guardians are not expected to play a major role in Thor 4, the scenes they share are very likely to be ridiculously entertaining.

Given that Thor’s crossover with the Guardians is still nearly a year away, hopefully the actors will continue to give fans more jokes about what to expect. With Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 also on the horizon, there is the possibility that Thor: love and thunder It won’t be the last time the God of Thunder works with the heterogeneous space group. A true crossover movie with these characters would be a huge hit for Marvel Studios, and it could happen one day, especially if Hemsworth and Pratt really enjoy working together.

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