Coming 2 America Cut Nutty Professor Character Cameos

adminMarch 7, 2021

Coming 2 America Cut Nutty Professor Character Cameos

Eddie Murphy says he wanted The Nutty Professor’s Klumps to make a cameo appearance in Coming 2 America, but scrapped the idea due to cost.

Eddie Murphy says he wanted The nutty professor Klumps to the cameo in Coming 2 America but cut the idea for the expense. The sequel to Murphy, which takes place more than 30 years after the original 1988 film, launches on Amazon Prime Video this Friday. Murphy reprises the role of Prince Akeem, along with a host of other returning characters from the classic ’80s R-rated comedy. Co-star Arsenio Hall also returns in multiple roles, including Semmi, the trusted friend and right-hand man. of Prince Akeem. The rest of the cast includes Jermaine Fowler (Lavelle), Leslie Jones (Mary), Tracy Morgan (Reem) and Wesley Snipes (General Izzi).

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The multiple roles played by Murphy set a pattern for the actor’s films, as he went on to appear in various roles in Nutty Professor Norbit Bowfinger and many other movies. The most successful of them was The nutty professor, where Murphy played every member of the Klump family and a fitness instructor seen on television during the opening credits. TO Nutty professor The reboot movie is in the works, although it will reportedly not star Murphy, a missed opportunity as far as fans of a certain age are concerned.

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Now speaking in the Jake’s take YouTube channel before the launch of Coming 2 America, Murphy has revealed that the Klumps almost returned in a crossover from the Murphy movie universe. The actor says that initially, the plan was for them to appear in a circumcision scene in the sequel, but it turned out to be too bizarre and “too expensive,” referring to each character’s extensive special effects makeup. You can read Murphy’s comments below:

There was a scene in this Coming 2 America that we just did. There was a scene where the Klumps, do you remember the circumcision scene? Originally, the Klumps appeared in that scene. In the long run it was too hard a left and would have been too expensive to make. So yeah, they were in on this.

the klumps coming to america eddie murphy

Audiences will be disappointed to find out that they missed a cameo from the Klump family. The 1996 reboot and its 2000 sequel, Nutty Professor 2: The KlumpsThey were huge hits, and the original’s dinner scene is Murphy in his prime, poking fun at himself in multiple ways. Unfortunately, that will not happen in Coming 2 America, at least not with the Klumps. It’s understandable though, given the logistics and cost of putting it on for six other characters.

However, it is not all bad news, as Coming 2 America will continue to feature Murphy and Hall acting opposite them as their iconic elderly barber characters Clarence, Saul (both Murphy) and Morris (Hall). There could even be other scenes where they play opposite each other, though that remains to be seen.

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Source: Jake’s take/Youtube

  • Coming 2 America (2021)Release Date: Mar 05, 2021


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