Coming 2 America’s Mid-Credits Scene Improves The First Movie’s Best Joke

adminMarch 14, 2021

Coming 2 America’s Mid-Credits Scene Improves The First Movie’s Best Joke

Coming 2 America is full of callbacks and references to the original movie, but one of the best comes in its mid-credits scene with John Legend.

Coming 2 AmericaThe middle credits scene features a John Legend cameo, and is based on one of the Coming to americabest jokes. Coming 2 America It comes 33 years after the first movie and, perhaps unsurprisingly, it’s absolutely full of callbacks and references to it. Easter eggs range from a continuation of their Trade places shared universe to the ongoing McDonald’s / McDowell’s gag, and this continues even after the credits have started rolling.

In keeping with the more modern tradition of franchise movies, Coming 2 America It has a couple of post-credits scenes: one in the middle and the other at the end. The latter sees Saul, one of the barbershop characters played by Eddie Murphy, telling a joke to Baba (Arsenio Hall’s new character), who in turn recalls the original film and a closing joke from Saul. But it’s the mid-credits scene that is even more memorable, as it features a John Legend cameo, filmed in his own home presumably due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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the Coming 2 America The middle credits scene is removed from the film’s narrative and Legend performs the song “She’s Your Queen To Be” instead. In the first film, the song was brilliant, if unexpectedly, performed by Paul Bates’ Oha. As part of the celebrations for Prince Akeem’s birthday when he met his future wife, the poignant musical moment perfectly captured the spirit of the film, while also rewarding Oha’s quieter personality – no one knew what would come before he chose. the microphone and began to sing, and the song also went on for a surprisingly long time. All of that combined to make it one of the best jokes in the movie, and Coming 2 America It not only honors it, but makes it even better by having an equally unexpected follow-up.

John Legend in Coming 2 America's Mid-Credits Scene

Legend’s voice makes him an ideal choice for performing the song in Coming 2 America, as is the fact that he is so committed to the part and clearly loves being a part of it, even ending with a nice “Goodnight Zamunda.” This is not the only appearance Legend makes on the film’s soundtrack, as the artist is behind it as well. Coming 2 AmericaThe title track of the same name, which he performs with Burna Boy and features Nile Rodgers.

It’s a shame Legend can’t make a full cameo in Coming 2 America , which may have been part of the initial plan before the pandemic turned things around, but nonetheless, his appearance leaves a huge mark on the film. There are several links to Coming to america and while not all of them work, perhaps in part due to the sheer volume of them, as well as some unavoidable retcons, that John Legend joins the Coming 2 America The cast in their mid-credits scene definitely works.

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