Conjuring 3 Director Reveals The Demon That Was Cut From the Film

adminAugust 28, 2021

Conjuring 3 Director Reveals The Demon That Was Cut From the Film

The previously revealed demon that did not make the final cut of The Conjuring 3 is introduced to fans through images shared by the film’s director.

Michael Chaves, Director of The Conjuring 3: The Devil Made Me Do It, has provided fans with a look at the demon that was originally intended to have its own spinoff, but was ultimately removed from the recent film. The existence of the creature was previously revealed by Chaves shortly after The Conjuring 3’s release. This ended up causing the disappointment of those who felt that a demonic entity would have helped the film considerably.

In terms of box office success and critical acclaim, The spell 3 it definitely ranks as the least accomplished entry in the popular horror franchise. Eschewing the haunted house formula with which the first two films were successful, the third film focuses on the real-life case of Arne Johnson, the first person in American history to claim demonic possession as a defense against a murder charge. This time around, the supernatural entity Ed and Lorraine Warren face is also not a tremendously large and all-powerful demon, but rather a human character known as The Occultist. Using various supernatural rituals to summon demons, The Occultist provides a different but interesting addition to the legacy of evil encounters the Warrens face. But there was a point where an additional antagonist was actively incorporated into the film, only to be eventually eliminated.

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After Chaves previously mocked the demon who was not in The Conjuring 3, has now given fans a first look at the creature. According, the recent Conjuring Watch Party was held via social media, allowing Chaves and other cast members to share some of their favorite experiences from the production on The spell 3. The short clip in which the severed demon was shown comes from Keys’ official Twitter account and the scene takes place in Arne’s prison cell when the demon comes to visit. Check out the clip below:

As Chaves has previously stated, the demonic character seen in the images above had the potential to be a spin-off character. However, when the decision was made to eliminate the character because two antagonists were too much for a movie, The Conjuring 3 became the first film in the series that doesn’t end with a new character on which to build a separate franchise. Former demonic derivatives, Annabelle and The nunThey have found their own degree of success in independent capacities, but there are no reported plans to create anything else out of the Occult character.

While some fans of The spell franchise could see the decision to eliminate the demonic character from The Conjuring 3 like a bad move, in the end, it was probably for the best. As mentioned above, the third film did not have the same level of success as its predecessors, despite being the second highest grossing horror film of 2021, so far. Therefore, it would have been more difficult to generate interest in a spin-off. This isn’t why the demon was removed from the movie in the first place, of course, but in hindsight it seems like a smart move.

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