Conjuring 3 Video Explains the True Story of The Devil Made Me Do It Case

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Conjuring 3 Video Explains the True Story of The Devil Made Me Do It Case

A new video from The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It explains the true story of the demon murder trial with an interview with the killer’s wife.

A new video for The incantation: the devil made me do it explains the true story on which the horror movie is based. The spell The franchise has expanded rapidly since it began in 2013 with the original James Wan film. In the following years, Warner Bros. released a direct sequel to the first film, Three Annabelle spin-offs, The nun, focusing on the origins of The spell 2villain, and The Curse of La Llorona. Now, Warner Bros. returns to the original series focusing on one of the most famous cases of Ed and Lorraine Warren.

The incantation: the devil made me do it He’s moving away from the haunted house formula and instead focusing on the murder trial of Arne Cheyenne Johnson. The “The Devil Made Me Do It” case gained media attention after Johnson claimed he was possessed by a demon when he killed his landlord Alan Bono. Johnson was convicted of manslaughter in the first degree in 1981, but was released in 1986 after serving just five years of his 10 to 20-year sentence.

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In a new featurette released by Photos by Warner Bros., Debbie Johnson tells the true story of her husband’s possession. His story is complemented by actual newspaper clippings from the demon murder trial, as well as scenes from the new movie. The new video of The Conjuring: The devil made me do it can be seen below.

There are dozens of horror movies about demon possession. However, The spell Movies stand out because they are based on true stories. The spell Y The spell 2 They were based on the real-life events of the Perron and Hodgson families, respectively, but Wan took creative liberties with both stories. The Conjuring 3 director Michael Chaves, who also directed The Curse of La Llorona, no doubt will also make changes with its sequel, but it is possible that his film is closer to the real case.

The main reason for this is because The incantation: the devil made me do it has the support of Debbie and Arne Johnson. Neither of them are credited as producers on the sequel, but this article makes it clear that the studio is engaging them throughout production as both can be seen in the video. With that in mind, the trailer for The Conjuring 3 it involved a story of Satanism and a waterbed altercation between David Glatzel and a demon, neither of which had previously been reported in the Warren case files. So, for now, it is unknown how historically accurate The incantation: the devil made me do it It will be, but behind-the-scenes videos like this one still give viewers a glimpse of what to expect on June 4.

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