Cruella Director Thinks There’s Potential For A Sequel

adminJune 6, 2021

Cruella Director Thinks There’s Potential For A Sequel


Cruella director Craig Gillespie is keen to make a sequel to Disney’s new live-action film about the infamous villain Cruella De Vil.

Cruella Director Craig Gillespie is already considering a possible sequel to the hit Disney movie. The film tells the origin story of the infamous villain Cruella de Vil (Emma Stone), set in London’s 1970s punk-rock era. The iconic villain was first introduced in the 1956 children’s novel. The one hundred and one dalmatians before Disney put its own animated spin on the tale. A live action movie titled 101 Dalmatians featured Glenn Close as the titular villain, who was cheesy, ruthless, and hard to empathize, was released in 1996.

Rather than portraying Cruella as a bloodthirsty puppy killer, Emma Stone’s version of the character is an underdog fighting her childhood trauma to fight her way to the top. Joining Stone’s Cruella are his partners in crime Jasper (Joel Fry), Horace (Paul Walter Hauser) and his childhood friend Anita Darling (Kirby Howell-Baptiste). Cruella also has a nemesis of her own, the fashion designer Baroness von Hellman. (Emma Thompson). Despite the recent release of the film, Gillespie is already thinking about the possibilities of a sequel.

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When talking to Collider, Gillipse was asked if she would like the Cruella story to continue on the big screen. The director notes that he is excited to explore “full-blown Cruella” in future installments of the franchise, adding that “it can really expand its brand. You can check out his full quote below.

“I feel like we just met her. I’d love to see the full-fledged Cruella now, fully charged. She’s gotten the support system around her and can really expand her brand. I’d love to see where that takes her and how almost you could destroy her from the inside out, if she’s not careful with all that power. “

Cruella Horace Wink

Gillespie was also asked if he would return to the director’s seat for a Cruella 2, which is open as long as the cast and crew return. He also said he believes Disney “was very supportive” of his experimental ideas and went further, as the story is darker than many blockbuster Disney films.

Cruella This is not the first time that Disney has tried to humanize a villain. From 2014 Pernicious, which also received a sequel, took a similar approach. It’s clear after its release over the weekend that viewers were captivated by the complex dynamic that Stone brought to the well-known character. But reviews are mixed on whether the plot was strong enough or whether the content of Cruella it was too bleak and threatening for a children’s movie. However, it is clear that Gillespie has many more ideas for a Cruella sequel, so it seems like all you’re waiting for is a green light.

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