Cruella’s Biggest Unanswered Questions | Screen Rant

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Cruella’s Biggest Unanswered Questions | Screen Rant

From Disney Cruella It serves as an origin story for the classic villain, but the movie leaves many questions unanswered. Starring Emma Stone, Cruella – which is on the same line as Evil one, another twist on Disney Villains origin rather than a direct remake, aims to connect the dots to 101 Dalmatians. However, like Oddball from 102 dalmatians, some points are missing.

In general, Cruella check the boxes for what is expected here. It gives Cruella, or Estella, a tragic, if somewhat complicated, backstory. Show how you meet Jasper and Horace, their 101 Dalmatians Henchmen makes her and Anita Darling old friends from school; and he even gives an explanation of his name, which comes from a combination of his mother’s pun and a car brand.

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However, Cruella it does not offer answers for everything. In fact, in many cases, the film contradicts or takes up what was established in 101 Dalmatians, leaving much of his future a mystery. Here is every question left by Cruella.

8. Where does Cruella fit into the Canon of the 101 Dalmatians?


Before the launch of Cruella, there were theories that it would serve as a 1996 prequel 101 Dalmatians. This was supported by the seemingly matching timelines: Stone is just the right age for Cruella to become Glenn Close’s version of the ’90s, and Glenn Close received an executive producer credit. Poor me, Cruella doesn’t really fit with 101 Dalmatians. There are several inconsistencies, such as that it seems unlikely that Cruella will kill dogs, but in the end the timeline doesn’t work either. CruellaThe post-credits scene features Pongo and Perdita as puppies, and since we’re in the ’70s, sadly there’s no way that would fit in with the Close movies. Which apparently puts Cruella in your own timeline or universe, but if that will lead to your own version of 101 Dalmatians Remains to be seen.

7. Where does Artie go before the 101 Dalmatians?

Many of CruellaThe key characters are already part of the 101 Dalmatians story: Cruella herself, Jasper, Horace, Anita, Roger, etc., but one that isn’t, but looks like they should stick around, is Artie. The owner of the vintage clothing store becomes an important friend of Cruella, and the character plays a crucial role in her fashion design. Given that, then it would be logical to assume that Artie is still involved as Cruella’s business grows, but he is not someone who has appeared in any of the forms of 101 Dalmatians. If Disney remakes that movie, then Artie may be in on the story. Otherwise, it could be that he and Cruella eventually go their separate ways, something bad happens to him, or he just takes a back seat while she skinns the puppies.

6. How do Jasper and Horace become Cruella’s henchmen (instead of friends)?

Jasper, Horace and Cruella

Another of CruellaThe changes come with Jasper and Horace, who do not present themselves as his henchmen, but as his friends and co-conspirators. The duo takes her from the streets, forming strong bonds that are put to the test in Cruella, but not broken. The relationship changes when Cruella takes over from Estella and is increasingly driven by revenge, but their friendship is seemingly remedied by the end of the film. Does that mean that these two are not destined to become the battered and battered henchmen of 101 DalmatiansOr will something else happen, such as a new position of power and / or misfortune, that more drastically changes Cruella’s character and her relationship with the couple?

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5. Why does Cruella give Roger a Dalmatian puppy?

I put on Cruella

CruellaThe credits scene sees her give the Dalmatian puppies – Pongo and Perdita – to Roger and Anita respectively. It makes sense for him to give Anita one: Cruella isn’t exactly blessed with many close friends, and Anita is among the best she has, and she’s certainly the person she’s known for the longest. Roger is much more curious. While he goes against the Baroness, and therefore is effectively on Estella / Cruella’s side, there is no interaction to suggest that he is someone she will remember, much less gifting a puppy as well. It has to happen by the 101 Dalmatians setup, but it doesn’t quite fit the movie itself.

4. Why does Roger write the Cruella De’Vil song?

Cruella Roger composing the ending credits scene

Besides getting Pongo, another big part of Roger 101 Dalmatians the story is shaped by Cruellain the credits scene, since, now working as a composer, he writes the classic song “Cruella De’Vil”. Again, it’s a necessary moment because of where these characters are heading, and because it’s so iconic, but it’s unclear exactly why it’s doing it. Cruella is not exactly shown in the best light, but she is more favorable than the Baroness, whom Roger opposed, and Roger himself has no first-hand experience of her cruelty. So why is she singing about how scary and evil Cruella is? The song’s tone seems a bit more playful here, but it’s still a quirky choice, especially since you just gave her a puppy. Similarly, this creates more problems for 101 Dalmatians, because it is not clear what conflict arises between them.

3. Are Pongo and Perdita brothers?

Pongo and Perdita in Cruella

Cruella gives Pongo and Perdita to Roger and Anita, but it also seems to imply that they are brother and sister. Most likely they are descendants of at least one of the Dalmatians that Cruella took from the baroness, which means they are part of the same litter and therefore siblings, which paints 101 Dalmatians in a slightly different light. Obviously, dogs, and other animals, are different from humans when it comes to mating and inbreeding, but it’s still an interesting option for Disney to set up future Dalmatian puppies as inbred.

2. How does Cruella become the villain of 101 Dalmatians (and why would she kill dogs)?

Emma Stone in Cruella's Live Action Movie

Somewhat amazingly Cruella does not answer the question that would seem to be his entire raison d’être: How did Cruella De’Vil become the dog-skinning villain of 101 Dalmatians? In fact, the movie is not only unresponsive, it goes in the opposite direction. It establishes a clear motive behind his desire to kill the Dalmatians in particular (they murdered his supposed mother), but never suggests that he would ever harm the animals. Instead, he adopts them as his own and clearly cares for them, giving them two puppies as a gift. She may turn into a villain of sorts, but this Cruella is all barking and no biting. That means something truly terrible must happen for her to want to skin dogs and use them as coats; Either that, or she was faking it all the time. Either way, a sequel would have to make her a villain far more than her anti-hero. Cruella.

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1. Will Cruella 2 happen?

Cruella 2 Emma Stone

The future after Cruella It’s not a bit clear, but Disney leaves the door wide open for more, with some possibilities for where the story could go. With Cruella now in Hell Hall and the Baroness’s wealth of hers, then a direct sequel could continue her story, showcasing her burgeoning fashion empire while replacing the Baroness. Disney turns Cruella into a more heroic figure, and Cruella 2 It could continue this by introducing her to a new enemy to contend with, or it could twist things further, leaning towards her darker tendencies and making her a villain to connect with 101 Dalmatians.

Emma Stone and Emma Thompson also discussed a The Godfather II-style Cruella sequel, which would include Glenn Close, who has ideas for a movie after his take on the character. Of course, Disney could just as well redo 101 Dalmatians again, this time with Emma Stone in the title role, but a Cruella 2 It would make more sense given the number of dots that still need to be connected. Cruella It’s off to a reasonable start at the box office and has the double benefit of drawing viewers on Disney + as well – if it performs well enough on both counts, it would be surprising if a sequel wasn’t produced.

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