Cruella’s First Weekend On Disney+ Gets 39% Lower Viewership Than Mulan

adminJune 5, 2021

Cruella’s First Weekend On Disney+ Gets 39% Lower Viewership Than Mulan

Cruella’s hybrid release appears to have lowered its box office and streaming numbers, as the film aired less than Mulan on its debut weekend.

More people tuned in to the broadcast Mulan on Disney + on its first weekend that Cruella. Cruella is the latest live-action reinvention of one of Disney’s classic animated films and stars Emma Stone as the title character. The film opened in theaters on May 28, and as Mulan Y Raya and the last dragon, the film was released on Disney + for the public to view at home for $ 30 under the Premier Access feature.

Cruella, next to A Quiet Place: Part II It is seen as the start of the summer movie season which will see other Disney movies like Black widow Y Jungle cruise The day and date opens in theaters and on Disney + Premier Access. Cruella It opened at No. 2 at the box office with $ 26.5 million over Memorial Day weekend and in total has grossed $ 42.6 million worldwide. The film’s hybrid release model might have hurt opening weekend overall, but it’s a positive sign that audiences are eager to get back to the movie, but it seems that more audiences preferred to see it in theaters than at home. .

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In a recent report by Term, Cruella was broadcast by 686,000 American households over the holiday weekend, which is 39% less than Mulan, which was broadcast by 1.12 million American households during the four-day Labor Day weekend in September 2020. If the number is exact, and at $ 30 per account, it is projected that Cruella generated $ 20.75 million viewers on Disney +. The number comes from Samba TV, which is one of the few companies that monitors and reports streaming metrics, as Disney has yet to release an official number.

Emma Stone in the teaser trailer for Cruella

There are some factors that explain why Cruella earned less at Disney + than Mulan. Mulan was not released in theaters in the United States due to the fact that the majority of theaters across the country were still closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, while Cruella it premiered in more than 3,000 theaters in the United States as more theaters opened, so the revenue was split across two platforms. Mulan It also benefited from being one of the few new releases to be released on a streaming service, showing that audiences wanted to see a great new movie at home. Since the launch of Mulan, the public has seen the release of high-profile movies, Wonder Woman 1984, Godzilla vs. Kong, Y Mortal Kombat in streaming services.

Despite finishing second at the box office A Quiet Place: Part II and behind Mulan in Disney + streaming numbers, it’s still too early to count Cruella out yet. The film could hold up at the box office as studios slowly begin releasing new films in theaters, giving Cruella little competition. What this means for CruellaThe fate in terms of sequels or spin-offs has yet to be seen, but director Craig Gillespie has some ideas.

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Source: Deadline

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