Cube Trailer Shows New Traps & Surprises In Japanese Remake

adminAugust 13, 2021

Cube Trailer Shows New Traps & Surprises In Japanese Remake

Japanese film production company Shochiku releases the first trailer for its remake of Vincenzo Natali’s 1997 cult thriller Cube.

Japanese film production company Shochiku has released the first trailer for its upcoming remake of the cult sci-fi thriller classic. Cube. Cube It was originally released in 1997 as an independent Canadian film from director and co-writer Vincenzo Natali. The film follows a motley crew of unequal personalities as they attempt to fight their way through a deadly maze consisting of cube-shaped rooms. Despite the film’s tiny production budget, it turned out to be a massive hit that generated a cult following, as well as countless skits and knockoffs (even providing the very open inspiration for an episode of Star Wars, Clone Wars). Now, Shochiku Company seems to be the last to test this unique premise.

Shochiku’s latest trailer of his Cube The remake seems to stay extremely true to the vision of the original filmmakers. The cube-shaped sets are still simple in design, but feature an intimidating line of traps like noxious gases, barbed wire, and flamethrowers that are activated by the drop of a shoe. According to the trailer, the film is scheduled to open on October 22 in Japan; however, there is still no news on an international release as of yet.

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It’s promising to see Shochiku stay true to the low-budget aesthetic of the original. Cube. Much of the charm of the 1997 film comes from the surreal and claustrophobic atmosphere created by the reduced sets. If the trailer is something to follow, horror fans have a lot to look forward to with the Japanese version of the cult classic movie.

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Source: Shochiku

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