Dad Builds Homemade Star Tours Ride In His Garage For His Kids

adminJuly 10, 2021

Dad Builds Homemade Star Tours Ride In His Garage For His Kids

One video shows a father putting together a homemade version of Disneyland’s Star Tours for his daughter’s birthday party at a theme park.

A video shows a homemade version of Disneyland Star Tours that a father prepared for his daughter’s theme park birthday party. Built with George Lucas and set in his iconic Star Wars universe, the motion simulator first opened in Tomorrowland at California’s Disneyland in 1987 and was the first attraction that was not based on a Disney property. Since its debut, the attraction has expanded to Tokyo Disneyland, Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Florida, and Disneyland Paris, all of which later became Star Tours: The Adventures Continue, featuring locations and characters from all nine films compared to just the one. original trilogy.

This change in theme allowed for a huge crowd boost for the attraction, especially at Disneyland, which added a single passenger line in early 2020 due to a large influx of attendees. Even as Disney parks have begun to reopen around the world after closures due to the pandemic, Disneyland’s high prices have caused some parents to seek solutions to give their children the same level of joy as going to the park in Yes. One of those parents has revealed a momentous effort to recreate one of Disneyland’s most iconic attractions.

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A video from the YouTube channel Disneyland at home for Indy’s birthday shows a father’s efforts to bring Star Tours to life in his garage for his daughter’s eighth birthday. By bringing together a few family friends, the father finally had the opportunity to bring his daughter’s dreams of a Disneyland themed party to life at home. Check out the exciting video below:

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While a motion simulator might seem easy enough to recreate at home, the extent to which the father went to take Star Tours to his daughter and her friends is moving and impressive. Given the smaller scale of the garage setup, it’s understandably not outfitted for the same level of guests as the Disneyland ride, but seeing the crafty work that brought the StarSpeeder 1000 and robotic Captain Rex to life is amazing. Not to mention the high-quality video of the journey itself on a big screen inside the ship that takes Indy, his friends and family on the intergalactic journey of a lifetime.

In addition to the recreation of Star ToursIt’s really sweet to see parents and their adult friends donning some of the franchise’s most iconic character outfits, including a full Darth Vader outfit. That level of commitment can provoke jealousy in some parents, but even they should be able to put that feeling aside and show a tearful smile at the happiness Indy and his friends show. It will be interesting to see what attractions the father recreates for his family at home in the future.

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