Darkseid Has Superman On His Knees

adminMarch 14, 2021

Darkseid Has Superman On His Knees

Zack Snyder’s latest Justice League trailer puts the spotlight on Darkseid, teasing the look and voice of the DC villain.

The latest trailer for Zack Snyder’s Justice League reveals a sobering image: Superman on his knees, courtesy of Darkseid. Although there is less than two weeks until the release of the long-awaited Snyder Cut, it seems that every day brings new surprises from its marketing campaign. As director Zack Snyder’s full version of League of Justice, There is a lot of anticipation surrounding the project. It will be drastically different from the version seen in theaters in 2017, from its runtime to the characters present within the story. The Snyder Cut has been promoted a lot in recent years and is almost here.

One of the biggest differences found between Snyder’s League of Justice and the theatrical cut belongs to his villains. The theatrical League of Justice She focused solely on Steppenwolf as she set out to obtain all of the Mother Boxes on Earth. However, while the Snyder Cut will continue to feature Steppenwolf as the main antagonist, it will also feature an even greater evil: Darkseid. The iconic villain from the DC comics will finally appear in League of Justice, particularly through the recounting of his first invasion of Earth.

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Said invasion gets a new look in the latest trailer for League of Justice, which also offers new up-close looks at Darkseid himself. The clip comes from Twitch (via Crisis in the infinite universe) and features plenty of action-packed shots from across the Justice League (like the aforementioned Superman at the time on his knees) underneath a chilling voice-over from Darkseid. The leader of Apokolips promises to bring destruction to Earth, hinting at an epic battle ahead. Check it out below.

By Snyder League of Justice It is rated R, as opposed to the PG-13 label that the theatrical version received. That means the fight scenes have a chance to be even more brutal than before, and the trailer above certainly hints at some impressive action sequences. Darkseid’s arrival is a particular point of excitement for fans, and his prominence in this trailer only highlights how important his appearance is. Fans have waited years to see Darkseid make his due debut in the DCEU, and while he may not reach his full potential because Warner Bros. isn’t planning anything. League of Justice aftermath, it’s good to know that it will have some kind of role.

Darkseid-centric clip is just one of many League of Justice trailers that have cropped up in recent weeks; Fans have seen various characters in recent days, including Superman and Wonder Woman. Given that the film’s HBO Max premiere will be next week, it seems likely that there will be a few more surprises in store before it arrives. Fortunately, all these looks League of Justice it will not diminish the excitement of seeing the finished product. If anything, they are only increasing it.

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Source: Crisis in the infinite universe

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