Death Note 2 Writer Says Netflix Sequel Will Draw From Source Material

adminApril 23, 2021

Death Note 2 Writer Says Netflix Sequel Will Draw From Source Material

Greg Russo, the writer of the upcoming Death Note 2, says the sequel will be based more on the original material than the original film.

Greg Russo, the writer of the upcoming Netflix original movie. Death note 2, says the sequel will be based more on the original material than the original film. Death Note It started as a manga, following the antihero Light Yagami after finding the “Death Note”, a supernatural book that will kill anyone if their name is written within its pages. The manga was followed by a 37-episode anime adaptation, largely considered one of the best anime ever made. A handful of live-action Japanese adaptations of Death Note have appeared in the years since the anime’s conclusion. In 2017, Netflix released its own live-action adaptation of Death Note, aimed at an American audience.

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From Netflix Death Note It was almost universally criticized by critics and fans of the original material alike. The film was criticized for whitewashing (Light Yagami became Light Turner) and straying too far from anime and manga. While the film still borrowed several notable plot elements from the source material, many paces, characters, and story motivations were changed. Some things, like Light being manipulated by Mia Sutton into using the Death Note instead of going down the rabbit hole on his own, fundamentally change the themes and overall message of the original work. In the end, fans were disappointed, many arguing that the movie had little to do with Death Note beyond sharing a name. Despite the mixed reaction, in 2018 Netflix announced that Death Note would get a sequel.

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Talking to We got this covered, Russo talked about how Death note 2 it will extract more of the source material than its predecessor. Russo noted that he is a fan of the original manga and believes that it is one of the best manga ever created. Although he was not involved in the first Death Note, claimed he has some pretty solid ideas on where to take it with a sequel. Russo said that his goal with Death note 2 is looking back at the original material and trying to replicate what made it great in the first place. Check out his full comment below:

It’s funny, because it seems like a gender swap, but it really boils down to the same things. It’s about adapting intellectual property. It’s about bringing in amazing property for the fans and trying to get it right. And Death Note, I’m a huge manga fan, I’m a huge fan of the original source material and I think it’s one of the best manga ever written. So for me, I didn’t play any roles in Death Note, the first movie Netflix made, but I came in with a kind of point of view on what I wanted to do in a sequel. And part of that is that I wanted to go back to the original material. I wanted to go back to what made the original material so cool, so we’re doing something really cool with it. Hopefully there will be more information on this soon, but it will … it won’t be exactly what you expected. And I mean it in a very tempting way.

Beyond Russo writing the script, very little is known about Death note 2. The original film’s director, Adam Wingard, had stated that Netflix planned to make two movies from scratch, assuming the first was successful. Although Netflix never released official numbers for Death Note, the company’s CCO, Ted Sarandos, said the film’s success was “considerable.” Obviously, despite the reception, it drew large enough numbers to warrant a sequel. Currently, it is unclear if Wingard will direct the film again.

While poor live-action anime adaptations are far from abnormal, Netflix Death Note it was plagued with a few issues that could have been avoided if the team behind the film had stuck more closely with the source material. Honoring Death note The Japanese roots and at the same time respecting and understanding the story that is being told is crucial for a successful adaptation. Hopefully, Russo’s comment still rings true after we all see it. Death note 2.

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