Denis Villeneuve’s 007 Would Be Perfect For James Bond 26’s Reboot

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Denis Villeneuve’s 007 Would Be Perfect For James Bond 26’s Reboot

James Bond 26 will restart the 007 franchise after No Time To Die, and Denis Villeneuve would be the best director to move the saga forward.

Denis Villeneuve has expressed interest in leading a James bond movie, and would be the perfect director to reboot the franchise with James Bond 26. After five films in 15 years, the Daniel Craig 007 era came to an end with the 2021 release (after many delays) of No time to die. Bond’s 25th film gave the outgoing actor a fitting goodbye, with an emotional ending that solidifies his legacy as an all-time great 007. Of course, your Bond time may be over, but the character will return: No time to dieThe credits end with the promise that “James Bond will return”.

That is true, but there are still many unknowns. There is the question of when James bond 26 will launch, and Amazon’s new co-owners are likely hoping to avoid the six-year gap between Spectrum and No time to die (the longest joint wait in franchise history, along with the gap between License to kill and Golden eye). Even more pertinent is who will be the next James Bond actor; Names like Tom Hardy, Regé-Jean Page, Henry Cavill, and Idris Elba are still constant favorites, but that doesn’t guarantee they’ll get the gig (neither of them seem like the most likely choice, if anything). There is less talk, but just as important to the movie’s chances of success (at least in terms of quality, if not box office) is who will direct. James Bond 26. No time to dieCary Joji Fukunaga could return, while Christopher Nolan is always linked, but Denis Villeneuve may be the best option.

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Director of Arrival, Blade Runner 2049, and Dune, Villeneuve has said that he would love to direct James Bond, throwing his name into the mix to Link 26. the Prisoners Helmer was supposedly on the run for James Bond 25 too, but it would be a perfect choice to reboot the franchise in your own image. Few directors have achieved the streak of form that Villeneuve had during the 2010s, which has since continued. Dune, and meets many requirements to be a director of Bond. There are the relative basics of what is required for an avant-garde filmmaker: able to work with large budgets, bring out the best in top-notch acting talent, shoot great action, and have demonstrated the ability to work within a franchise. to respect the past. but bring new ideas and put a unique stamp on things.

Dune Timothee Chalamet and director

Villeneuve’s work has ranged from more psychological thrillers to epic sci-fi movies. The latter is what defines him now, but his approach to the two is not that different, and would translate very well to rebooting 007. James Bond 26. No matter the gender, what Villeneuve excels at is exploring different facets of humanity, be it notions of what makes us human, how people communicate or simply what someone is really capable of doing when suffering from pain, loss and anger. Take that and apply it to Link 26, and Villeneuve could offer a reboot that really examines 007’s psyche and humanity in a way beyond even Craig’s era. He can dive deep into his apparent need to kill, exactly what makes him such a cold and ruthless weapon, the trauma the character has experienced, and remove underlying vulnerabilities.

While his films span genres, budgets, and languages, Villeneuve’s best films feature many recurring themes. The director likes to explore the aftermath of brutal violence and the scars, literal and figurative, left behind. His films have also addressed misogyny (violent and more systemic), environmentalism, toxic and destructive masculinity, and notions of identity and the individual opposed to institutions.

All of those would apply perfectly to James Bond 26: a man who must kill or be assassinated, who has committed innumerable acts of violence; a franchise that has long been marred by the mistreatment of women (something the Craig era did attempt to address); Bond’s place not only in MI6, but also in a changing world where the greatest threat is far greater than any villain, but where that can be armed against him (an area Quantum of Solace tried and sadly couldn’t dig deep, but that could be great in the right hands.) In fact, it is not difficult to think that Villeneuve would have been an ideal director for Craig’s Bond. But if I had to lead James Bond 26, then I’d have the ingredients to make one of the most cerebral, challenging, and unique 007 movies in franchise history.

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