Dieter’s Crazy Backstory Will Be Part of the Army of the Dead Prequel

adminMay 17, 2021

Dieter’s Crazy Backstory Will Be Part of the Army of the Dead Prequel

Exclusive: Matthias Schweighöfer teases the “crazy” backstory of Army of the Dead’s Dieter, which will be revealed in the prequel film Army of Thieves.

Matthias Schweighöfer pokes fun at his “crazy” backstory Army of the dead Dieter character, to be revealed in the prequel film Army of thieves. It is set to hit theaters this Friday ahead of Netflix’s debut next week, director Zack Snyder’s latest zombie movie. Army of the dead It will combine a heist adventure with the undead in a violent and colorful way. The movie sees a group of mercenaries venture into the Las Vegas zombie hot spot with the goal of snatching a multi-million dollar prize from under a casino. Directed by Scott Ward from Dave Bautista, Army of the dead It is made up of a large and compelling set.

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Army of the dead was created with a view to developing your own universe full of franchise possibilities. In fact, two prequels are already in the works: an anime-style series and Army of thieves. Schweighöfer directed and stars Army of thieves which specifically focuses on Ludwig Dieter, his safe robber from the Snyder movie. The prequel has already started and production ended, although it has yet to receive an official release date on Netflix.

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Screen Rant received the opportunity to speak with Schweighöfer about Army of the Dead, although we couldn’t resist looking for some jokes about Burglars. Schweighöfer gave a little update on where he stands with the project and also touted Dieter’s backstory. He said:

Matthias Schweighöfer: Oh yes. I just finished a prequel to my character, so it’s all in that movie. But the bio said that Dieter was … I can’t say that, because it’s a spoiler alert. You will love the prequel. His way to the United States is amazing. It’s crazy.

In addition to Schweighöfer, Army of thieves starring Nathalie Emmanuel, Stuart Martin, Guz Khan and Ruby O. Fee, among others. Aside from the promise of Dieter’s backstory, and which will take place before Army of the Dead, Closer to the start of the zombie outbreak, little is known about the plot of the project. However, Schweighöfer revealed something: it will show how Dieter came to America. This could mean Army of thieves It’s less of a heist and more of a road trip adventure, though Dieter’s safe-breaking skills still promise to have something to do with what’s to come.

With Schweighöfer finishing work on Army of thieves soon, Netflix could perhaps set a release date for later this year. The first reactions to Army of the dead He singled out Schweighöfer as the MVP, and the release of that movie could increase excitement for the prequel. More, Dead could provide some clues as to what to expect from Army of thieves. Regardless of when it happens, there will be more ahead for Dieter, and it looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun.

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  • Army of the Dead (2021)Release Date: May 21, 2021

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