Disturbing Saw Image Makes Billy The Puppet Super Buff

adminMay 10, 2021

Disturbing Saw Image Makes Billy The Puppet Super Buff

A new photo reimagines the iconic Saw Billy the Puppet as a more polished figure that is sure to upset audiences more than the original design.

A new image of the iconic Billy the Puppet horror figure reinvents one of the key figures of the saw franchise as an amateurish and disturbing creature. The horror series centers on serial killer John Kramer, better known as Jigsaw, as he engages people in insane tests and games in an effort to rehabilitate them and help them see the value in life. The franchise started in 2003 saw short film co-written by Leigh Whannell and James Wan and directed by the latter.

It quickly became a box office success upon release, grossing nearly $ 104 million against a $ 1.2 million budget. saw has been one of the biggest series in the horror genre for most of the last decade. It initially closed in 2010 with 3D sawFour movies after Wan and Whannell left as writers behind the franchise, Lionsgate revived it in 2017 with Puzzle. Looking to capitalize on its success and with a treatment of the history of star and fan Chris Rock, the studio is gearing up for the ninth installment of the series with the upcoming Spiral: from the book of Saw meanwhile, he was also reportedly developing a tenth film.

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The official Twitter account of Spiral has revealed a haunting image of a beefed-up iteration of Billy the Puppet riding a larger version of his iconic trike. The post comes amid a hilarious tug of war between account managers and a “Saw Quotes” username claiming to have access to both the Twitter account and a computer station for the full movie with a full copy. of the project. The other account is taunting the studio with games much like Jigsaw to test the devotion of the saw fan base. Check out the image of Billy the Puppet below:

Billy the Puppet has had quite an interesting history across the world of film and television in the 18 years since his debut on the saw short film. He’s been parodied and duped in countless projects, including Scary movie 4, but he has also reappeared as a more threatening figure in Whannell and Wan’s work outside of the franchise, including Dead Silence, Upgrade, Insidious, Y The invisible man. Despite the already creepy design of the regular doll, there’s no denying that the beefed-up version of the character adds another layer of menace to her terror, albeit only if she dons some pants.

The battle between the owners of the film’s official account and “Saw Quotes” appears to be an elaborate joke, as a later tweet from the Spiral The account gives proper credit for the image to artist Jason Ebeyer. That said, it was not a bad plan to attract the attention of Spiral: from the book of Saw as it is only a week away from its long-awaited theatrical release. Now audiences will just have to wait and see how their theories for the film’s story will unfold and if something scarier comes up to help push this image out of their minds.

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  • Spiral: from the book of Saw / Saw 9 (2021)Release Date: May 14, 2021

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