Early Reviews For The Last Duel Call It Intelligent & Timely

adminSeptember 13, 2021

Early Reviews For The Last Duel Call It Intelligent & Timely

First reviews of Ridley Scott’s medieval epic The last duel They have started pouring in since the Venice Film Festival, and most are mixed in with the positive, calling it cumbersome, claustrophobic, fascinating, timely, clever, and old-fashioned. Written by Matt Damon, Ben Affleck and Nicole Holofcener, The last duel is a 14th century tale, which is based on true events, centers on two knights who will duel over claims that one of them raped the other’s wife. The last duel It will be released in theaters on October 15, 2021.

The film stars Damon and Affleck, as well as Adam Driver and Jodie Comer, all immersed in the mud and rain soaked world of Ridley Scott’s lens. Scott is no stranger to period epics, as he directed the Oscar-winning film Gladiator, as well as a series of stories with a similar theme, such as Kingdom of heavens, Robin Hood, Exodus: gods and kings, and The duelists. It is the first film written by Damon and Affleck since 1997. Goodwill hunt, which earned them both an Oscar for their efforts. Damon and Affleck have cited the theme of the film to make it a feminist film.

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Reviews of The last duel They have started coming in from Venice and so far they sound like a mix of positives and negatives, as well as some shots in between. Most reviews praise the talent involved, particularly Jodie Comer’s performance, while others note the inconsistent accents and lengthy execution time. Scott’s attention to detail and macro-focused cinematography seem to be well in place here, which is always the expectation of his refined visual style. The timely focus of #metoo in the 14th century sounds like one of the biggest issues to have divided the reception, which was probably always the case, given the intensity of the theme. Below are some selected quotes from Venice critics:

Owen Gleiberman, Variety:

“The appeal of ‘The Last Duel’ is that, at its core, it’s a pretty old-fashioned movie: talking and intricate, revolving around what looks like a competitive and destructive love triangle. The weird thing is that it lacks the satisfying clarity. drama of an old movie.If this story had been made by Hollywood during the studio system era, one could imagine a version in which De Carrouges, the uptight and devoted good man, fails to ignite the sparks with his wife who Le Gris, the charismatic scoundrel, yes. And that would be played. There are times when “The Last Duel” seems like that same movie. But only moments. “

Ryan Leston, IGN:

“That is essentially what The Last Duel boils down to: a fight between two men to determine the veracity of a woman’s rape claim. It is a stark and conscientious reminder of the struggle many women face, even today. As one. Legendary story, the seriousness of the story is backed up by its atmospheric setting. Scott uses a muted gray palette and stone castle walls to create a gloomy, almost claustrophobic feel. You can feel the weight of the movie world in almost every room. scenes. “

Rafaela Sales Ross, White lies

“Men cut, pull and grunt, while even beads of sweat become sopranos in this overwhelming orchestra that is both numbing and fascinating. Unfortunately, once the adrenaline rush of combat begins to fade, the Shaky portrait of the film’s rape and gender imbalance comes to the fore, turning sour the sweetness left behind by Scott’s audio-leaning feast “

Jessica Kiang, The Playlist

“… in Marguerite’s tale, the film’s cleverest bait and change is thrown away. For anyone who has been guiltily enjoying all the bros-before-hos shenanigans thus far (and with Affleck having value so eccentric, how can you not?) with enough wit and cunning, “The Last Duel” suddenly shows that he is totally self-aware, and that pretending, with the raucous seriousness of which Ridley Scott is so capable, I was going to exactly emulate 14th century society. Telling the story of a rape trial through the eyes of the men involved was part of the trap from the beginning. “

Ben Croll, Indiewire

“Through all these overlapping approaches,” The Last Duel “reveals itself to be far too rare on today’s Hollywood battlefield: a smart and genuinely bold big-budget melee that is, above all, the product of a Recognizable artistic collaboration. I guess that makes us the winners. “

Jonathan Romney, The Guardian

“Yet when the film begins to show her role as a medieval #MeToo episode, it has numbed us with so much flash and fust that the heart of the story almost chokes. Marguerite’s story could have been a riveting, somewhat dramatic Shavian. if only the grandiose show (and the 152-minute long) had been stripped away. As it stands, you quickly tire of the mud, metal, and permanently medieval weather – if it’s not snowing, everything is drenched in mist. It takes a great leap of faith to overcome Damon’s mullet beard and swamp brush, less of a fourteenth-century gentleman than a nu-metal brother of the 1990s. “

Other notable responses to the film have focused on the three-part story told in three different perspectives, which appears to be unpredictable to critics. The first part of the story is told by Jean de Carrouges de Damon, the second by Jacques Le Gris de Driver and the third by Marguerite de Thibouville de Comer (to which the writer Nicole Holofcener contributed mainly). The difficulty in carrying out such a narrative is the biggest takeaway, as some critics felt it worked, while others did not.

Ridley Scott fans will recognize these kinds of criticisms, as they are typical of hisGladiator historical epics. In most cases, the reception has been tepid overall, with some vehemently disliking or loving these kinds of films from the prolific director. As Scott slips in and out of the genre over the years to counter with more commercial work, such as The martian or Alien: Covenant, his historical films have always been most divisive when they don’t start with the word Gladiator, and The last duel sounds good inside that wheelhouse. With that said, Scott will have another historical film for audiences to see later. The last duel, while meeting with Driver to Gucci house, which launches in November. Ultimately, Ridley Scott fans are about to be well fed.

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  • The Last Duel (2021)Release Date: Oct 15, 2021

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