Emily Blunt Responds To Fantastic Four Casting Rumors

adminMay 13, 2021

Emily Blunt Responds To Fantastic Four Casting Rumors

Emily Blunt responds to rumors about her and John Krasinski playing Sue Storm and Reed Richards in the upcoming Marvel Fantastic Four reboot.

Emily Blunt responded to the ancients Fantastic four Rumor casting. It is now well known that Blunt turned down the role of Black Widow in Iron Man two, and since then, his name has been attached to the MCU. 20th Century Fox was responsible for the Fantastic Four’s film debut in 2005, a less serious take on Marvel’s First Family, which led to the 2007 sequel subtitled, The rise of the Silver Surfer, before the franchise fizzled out. Fox tried to reboot Fantastic four in 2015, but the film was a commercial and critical failure.

Marvel Studios acquired the rights to Fantastic four on Disney’s acquisition of 20th Century Fox in 2019, and ever since, Mouse House has been looking to reinvigorate the franchise. At San Diego Comic-Con in 2019, Marvel Director Kevin Feige confirmed that a Fantastic four The movie was in development, and it was later announced Jon Watts, the director known to all three MCUs. Spiderman movies, I would direct. The project has been pretty quiet since then, but there has been no shortage of fan casts. For a while now, the real-life couple, Emily Blunt and John Krasinki, have been popular choices for Sue Storm and Reed Richards, as both actors have been linked to the MCU in the past (Krasinski did a screen test for the role of Captain America).

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Now, during an appearance in The Howard Stern Show, Blunt responds to these ancient Fantastic four Rumor casting. While fans have been clamoring to see Blunt and Krasinski as the Invisible Woman and the super stretchy Mr. Fantastic four restart. When asked if gender was below her, the Peaceful place The star was quite blunt in expressing her dislike of superhero movies. Read their full answer below:

That’s a fan casting. No one has received a phone call. That’s just people saying, ‘Wouldn’t that be great?’ … Not that it’s under me. I love Iron Man and when I was offered Black Widow I was obsessed with Iron Man. I wanted to work with Robert Downey Jr., it would have been amazing … but I don’t know if superhero movies are for me. They are not in my alley. I do not like. I really don’t.

Artwork by John Krasinski and Emily Blunt Fantastic Four

Although Blunt seemed clear that she was not interested in playing a superhero, she added: “Not to say that I never wanted to play one, ”Which leaves some hope for fans who will one day wish to see her as Sue Storm. Although Blunt said it would have to be a “really cool characterBefore you care.

While it doesn’t seem like Sue Storm meets Blunt’s requirements, she would certainly be a great casting choice. She has previously shown that she belongs in action movies, based on her performances in The era of El Mañana Y A peaceful place, and has also landed more comedic roles in his career. Since it is currently speculated that Fantastic four could take the remaining spot on the Marvel 2023 roster, they likely haven’t started the casting process yet. Maybe when Marvel’s Fantastic four The movie is actually starting to materialize, a potential role in the MCU will start to spark some interest in Blunt.

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Fountain: The Howard Stern Show

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