Eternals Director Explains Why Team Didn’t Interfere In Infinity War

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Eternals Director Explains Why Team Didn’t Interfere In Infinity War

In a new interview, director Chloe Zhao teases an explanation of why the heroic team in Eternals did not interfere in the MCU’s Infinity War.

The Marvel Director Eternal says the movie will explain why the team didn’t interfere during Infinity War. It’s a question that many audience members have asked themselves since Eternal it was announced, and it will be difficult to give a truly satisfactory answer. But based on the comic book history of the characters, there are some precedents.

Created by Jack Kirby when he returned to Marvel Comics in the 1970s, the Eternal they have had a difficult posting history. The original Kirby saga was never finished, and many of its story lines would be resolved and used as part of retcons for other powerful galactic beings for the next few decades at Marvel. The key was always that the Eternals remained hidden for thousands of years, waging a secret war against the Deviants while their powers slowly grew. The movie will likely follow suit.

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In a new interview with Total movie, director Chloe Zhao joked with an explanation of why the team in Eternal he did not interfere in the Infinity War. According to Zhao, it mainly has to do with specific orders from its creators not to get involved in human affairs. When specifically asked “Why?”, He responded with the following response:

“[The audience] you will understand why. Not just why, but how complicated it made them feel not to interfere. We explore that. You will see it in the movie. The Eternals were instructed not to interfere with any human conflict unless the Deviants were involved. There is a reason that is the case. And that was the main Heavenly Arishem’s instruction. “

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Zhao goes on to talk about his enthusiasm for being able to tackle the MCU Celestials and the kind of storytelling they require. In his words, “Anything involving Celestials will be at a full scale complication level, let’s put it that way. “ Of course, telling part of the Celestial and Eternals backstory requires going back in time in the MCU, which is also an exciting prospect for both Zhao and fans hoping to see how the entire story connects with the various movies seen. up to now.

Eternal has the potential to be almost a Rosetta Stone to the MCU’s past, as well as a sign of where it is headed in the future. This is especially true if the movie really delves into the origins of the Celestials, who have been referred to in several previous movies as major plot-shaping players like Infinity War. One time Eternal hits theaters in November, savvy audience members can begin to piece together where Kevin Feige and company are going with their future intergalactic MCU storytelling.

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SOURCE: Total movie

  • Eternals (2021)Release Date: Nov 05, 2021

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