Eternals Merchandise Gives New Look At Celestials & Deviants

adminMarch 13, 2021

Eternals Merchandise Gives New Look At Celestials & Deviants

The leaked Marvel’s Eternals merchandise gives viewers a glimpse of the Celestials and Deviants, the movie’s villains.

Filtered out Eternal The merchandise features a stunning look in the Celestials designs. An ancient race that existed when the universe was young, the Celestials are legendary in the MCU. Viewers were able to see them for the first time in Guardians of the Galaxy, when the Collector introduced one of them, recognizable as a Celestial named Eson the Seeker in the comics, wielding the Power Stone while judging an unknown world.

Celestials seem to be almost extinct in the modern MCU, but Eternal It is expected to span millennia, so the Celestials are expected to play a prominent role. That makes sense, because in the comics, the Celestials were the ones who created the Eternals and Deviants, evolutionary offshoots of humanity. Their role seems to have changed a bit in the MCU as some comments have suggested that the origin of the Eternals has changed, and they are now powerful aliens who were sent to Earth to protect humanity. However, the Celestials are still involved. Now, the leaked merchandise has offered fans a look at the promotional artwork featuring the cosmic beings.

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Some Eternal merchandise recently slipped through the net, posted by Kohls and seen by Murphy’s multiverse before it was shot down. The images show promotional art for both the Celestials and Kro, leader of the Deviants. Kro’s design perfectly matches a Marvel Legends action figure for Kro that was leaked in October 2020.

Eternals Celestials 1 T-Shirt

Eternals Celestials Arishem T-Shirt

Eternals Uni-Mind T-Shirt

Eternals Kro T-shirt

Eternals Kro 2 T-Shirt

The designs are impressive and it’s interesting to see how much they focus on Arishem, who serves as a judge figure in the comics, and increasingly seems to be the most prominent of the Celestials in the movie. The art style is reminiscent of Jonathan Hickman and Dustin Weaver. TO PROTECT series, perhaps suggesting that the designs have been influenced as much by modern interpretations as by those of Jack Kirby, who created the Eternals.

It is reasonable to assume that the merchandise was posted by accident, because at one point Eternal It was scheduled to launch in February 2021. It was delayed until November as a knock-on effect of the coronavirus pandemic. Marvel is by no means the first film studio to fight to prevent ties and merchandise leaks during this period, with the Wonder Woman 1984 A youth novelization accidentally released months before the film was finally released. But Marvel is particularly reluctant to allow information on upcoming projects to come out at this point, presumably waiting until they are more sure of hitting release dates; They haven’t even released an official trailer for Eternal yet. For now, leaks like this are all fans can get.

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Source: Murphy’s multiverse

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