Eternals Movie Had One Specific Restriction Because Of Inhumans TV Show

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Eternals Movie Had One Specific Restriction Because Of Inhumans TV Show

A new interview with Eternals writers Kaz and Ryan Firpo reveals that the film had a specific Marvel restriction due to the Inhumans TV show.

It turns out that due to the Marvel Television / ABC Studios series, Inhumans, Marvel had to put a specific restriction on the writers of Eternal. While the most recent entry in the MCU receives mixed reviews from both critics and fans, the final product is far superior to Marvel’s first attempt at a heroic group of ancient aliens secretly living on Earth. Perhaps it was even those similarities that reminded Marvel to enforce a specific rule with the writers of Eternal.

the Inhumans The television series debuted in IMAX theaters in September 2017, before moving home to ABC 2 weeks later. Despite a talented cast, the series struggled to find its way as critics were unhappy with many aspects, such as the low budget that forced limited special effects and the use of super powers, and a story that felt too long and drawn out. . The series ran for just one 8-episode season before ABC canceled it.

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A recent Reverse Interview with Eternal Writers Kaz and Ryan Firpo have revealed that the film had a specific restriction thanks to the Inhumans TV show. While Ryan Firpo claimed that he had not heard of the Inhumans series, learned it while doing Eternal, although he does not know how much he really influenced the film. When specifically asked about Inhumans, Kaz explained the only real rule Marvel told them because of the TV series, which doesn’t really seem like such a heavy burden. Read what the only restriction was below:

“… For us, Inhumans was part of that conversation only insofar as, this is a true story, they said,” You can’t go to Hawaii. “Nobody can go to Hawaii because the Inhumans burned that bridge completely. Beyond that, there was no one to say, “We can’t do this, we can’t do that. The door was really open for us.”

The unhappy ending of a project with a similar premise in the MCU might have put off some writing teams, but the Firpos seemed undaunted. Ryan explained his calm by reminding people that “It was just a different era, a different team, a totally different project., ”As Kaz talked about how Marvel is about hiring unique people for the project, who “… love what they do and let them do what they love.” That seems like the right attitude in a genre like superhero movies, as many of the stories have similar premises and characters, the difference between the movies is always the creative mind of those behind the camera.

Of course, the greatest success of Eternal is still being decided, as it has also turned out to be somewhat controversial with critics and fans. Arguments about the source of the problems abound, with some pointing to cast size, story length, strange dialogue options, and a host of other factors. The sad truth is that both projects can go down in MCU history as low points that Marvel’s creative team and producers can learn from.

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