Every Confirmed Member Of Bugs Bunny’s Team

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Every Confirmed Member Of Bugs Bunny’s Team

Bugs Bunny and LeBron James will lead a new Tune Squad on the basketball court in Space Jam: a new legacy. Similar to the original movie with Michael Jordan, a series of fan favorites of the classic Looney tunes cartoons will put their differences aside and use teamwork to save the day.

While there are likely to be dozens of Looney Tunes characters that will appear in the film as viewers, only 15 (including Bugs Bunny) are confirmed to be taking part in the match against the film’s antagonists, Goon Squad. Due to a controversy, Pepe Le Pew, who was on the team in the first film, will not participate in the sequel. And based on what was shown in the trailer and television commercials, it appears that Barnyard Dawg and Marvin the Martian (who was a referee in the first Space jam) may not be playing either. However, it could be that there are other team members who have yet to show up.

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Either way, the Looney Tunes will still have plenty of reps on the court for the Goon Squad game. Given that most of the team’s characters are at least partially responsible for the victory over the Monstars in the 1996 film, it’s not hard to see why Bugs Bunny refers to them as his “Dream team”. Here are all the Looney Tunes characters confirmed to be recruited by Bugs for Space jam 2 Tune Squad.

Lola bunny

Lola Bunny in Space Jam 2

Lola Bunny stands out as an original character from Space jam. Long before his appearances in other Looney tunes sample, she was used as a love interest for Bugs and a player with abilities that far surpassed the other Tunes in the first film. So it’s fitting that Lola is back for the next Tune Squad basketball game. With a less sexualized and much-needed redesign, you have a chance to once again be a memorable addition to the lineup.


Looney Tunes Bugs Bunny and Gossamer Monster

Gossamer, the giant red monster that chased Bugs Bunny in the original cartoons, was in the stands when the Monstars took on the Tune Squad in Space jam. But the trailer for Space Jam: a new legacy confirm that this time you will participate in the game. Their size may give them an advantage in certain situations.


Space jam 2 granny

Of the 15 confirmed Tunes on the team, only two were not on the original roster. One is Gossamer, while the other is Granny, the elderly owner of Sylvester and Tweety. Although she was just a cheerleader in Space jamIt looks like he will be a valuable member of the team in the second movie. In fact, his impressive movements on the court were one of the highlights of the Space jam 2 trailer.

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Leghorn Fog Horn

Foghorn Leghorn, the nosy and talkative rooster who loves to torment the Barnyard Dawg, was seen alongside the other Tunes in the trailer. Since his favorite target can’t join him on the court, Foghorn can use his classic pranks on members of the Goon Squad.


Known for his insatiable hunger and destructive tendencies, the Tasmanian Devil, unfortunately, didn’t have as much of an impact on the game against the Monstars, but the contest with the Goon Squad Space jam 2 may give you the opportunity to make up for that. In cartoons, the fearsome animal is capable of making people run away in fear. With what he brings to the table, he could be a great secret weapon for LeBron James.

Lucas Duck

Daffy Duck, the second most important character in Looney Tunes, is sure to play a major role in the team’s next game. He was one of only three Tunes (the other two being Bugs and Lola) to beat the entire game in Space jam. With this in mind, he has certainly earned his place in Bugs Bunny. “Dream teamAnd hopefully it will also contribute greatly to the humor of the film.

Elmer fudd

Elmer Fudd took a break from hunting insects in Space jam to dress up as a member of Michael Jordan’s Tune Squad, and he’ll do the same for LeBron James’s group. Not unlike how Granny surprised her teammates at the Space jam 2 trailer, Elmer’s performance in the first game revealed that he was more proficient in basketball than ever as a hunter.

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Wile E. Coyote and Roadrunner

Roadrunner and Wile E Coyote

The self-proclaimed genius known as Wile E. Coyote has been scheming for decades to get his hands on the elusive Roadrunner. They are usually depicted as enemies, but just as they did in the original movie, the two will serve on the same team in Space jam 2. With Roadrunner’s speed and Wile E.’s proficiency with explosives, it’s easy to see why Bugs would choose them.

Yosemite sam

Daffy Duck and Yosemite Sam in Space Jam 2

As one of Bugs Bunny’s two greatest enemies, Yosemite Sam has been everything from a cowboy, a pirate, a Roman centurion, an astronaut, a Confederate Army soldier, and more. Space jam in particular, he added “basketball player” to the list. Sam, who literally brought Jordan into the Looney Tunes world in the first movie, will reprise his role in the Tune Squad. Although Sam and Elmer were stripped of their weapons by others Looney tunes projects, the trailer shows that the new gun rule won’t stop Sam from using both of his pistols for his next big-screen outing.

Quick Gonzalez

Speedy Gonzales has come under fire for years because some feel it comes with too many racial stereotypes. While being a controversial character has caused Pepe Le Pew to be removed from the film, that hasn’t stopped “Fastest mouse in all of Mexico”. He doesn’t have a huge presence in the trailer, but he was included in a few shots and is confirmed to be a member of the team. That could be good for the Tunes, as their cartoon speed made them impossible to catch.

Porky pig

Porky Pig, who debuted in 1935, is the oldest Looney Tunes character to appear in the film. Complete with his trademark stutter, Porky will appear in Space Jam: a new legacy to help James and everyone else. In the trailer, Porky seemed to be quite concerned (and understandably) when evaluating the Goon Squad.

Sylvester and Tweety

Included in the returning Tune Squad roster are the cat and mouse duo of Sylvester and Tweety. Tweety used karate to take care of the Monstars in one scene, and Sylvester, when not distracted by his hunger for Tweety, was able to score some crucial baskets in Space Jam. Since both of them have been featured quite a bit in marketing, the two could be core members of the Bugs Bunny squad in Space Jam: a new legacy.

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