Evil Dead 4 Will Begin Filming This Year Confirms Bruce Campbell

adminMarch 13, 2021

Evil Dead 4 Will Begin Filming This Year Confirms Bruce Campbell

Bruce Campbell, who played the iconic Ash Williams in Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead trilogy, reveals that Evil Dead Rise will begin filming this year.

Bruce Campbell, who played the iconic Ash Williams in Sam Raimi Evil Dead trilogy, revealed that Evil Dead Rise will begin shooting this year. The 1981 original Evil Dead was a low-budget horror film written and directed by Raimi (serving as his first feature film) and starring Campbell. The film followed a group of teenagers heading for a short vacation in a remote cabin. The children end up inadvertently summoning an army of Deadites, ancient demons that can possess the living. Raimi would follow the movie with Evil dead 2 (1987) and Army of darkness (1992). In 2015, a television series was launched, titled, Ash vs. Evil Dead. The series aired for 3 seasons on STARZ. the Evil Dead The films have received critical acclaim and are often referred to as some of the best horror films ever made.

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Rumors of a potential Evil dead 4 have been around since the launch of Army of darkness. In 2013, a remake of the original film was released, although Ash’s character was not the lead in the film and Campbell was relegated to a post-credits cameo. Both Raimi and Fede Alvarez, who directed the remake, stated that the intention was to cross the characters from 2013 with Ash in a future sequel. That theatrical follow-up never ended up happening. However, during the summer of 2020, Campbell revealed that a new Evil Dead The movie was in the works, although Ash would not make an appearance. The title of the film was finally revealed as Evil Dead Rise.

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Talking to Knox News, Campbell revealed that Evil Dead Rise is scheduled to begin filming later this year. Campbell, who is serving as the film’s producer, stated that he will be heading to New Zealand for filming (which was where Ash vs. Evil Dead he was also shot). While Campbell had to keep quiet about the movie’s plot, he mentioned that “is out of danger, “which is consistent with his earlier statements about the film set in an urban setting.

Evil Dead II 1987 Ash Williams

Evil Dead Rise is slated to be directed by Lee Cronin (The hole in the ground), which was chosen by Raimi. Campbell has also spoken about the direction the film is heading, stating that Evil Dead Rise will star in a heroine, whose main objective is to save his family during a Deadite invasion. Campbell emphasized the importance of placing ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances, and the most powerful horror comes from the fact that the situation is beyond their control.

Campbell’s words should ease fears Evil Dead Fans may feel that the production of the film could be delayed due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Between the vaccine releases and the fact that the movie is being filmed in New Zealand (which has some of the lowest COVID cases in the world), Evil Dead Rise’s The production start date is probably pretty sure. While the lack of Ash Williams will disappoint some, a fresh new take on the decades-old franchise is sure to be interesting. We will continue to hear more about the movie as we Evil Dead Rise production begins later this year.

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Source: Knox News

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