Evil Dead Ash Funko Pop With Bloody Variant Available For Pre-Order

adminMay 29, 2021

Evil Dead Ash Funko Pop With Bloody Variant Available For Pre-Order

Ash Funko Pop! Collectibles are now available for pre-order, with the option to choose between a clean or blood splattered version of the Evil Dead character.

New ash from Evil Dead Funko Pops is available for pre-order, offering both a clean version of the famous horror movie hero and a bloodstained one. The new collectibles are part of the 40th anniversary celebrations for The bad death, one of the most iconic horror movies ever made. In the years since the film’s initial release in 1981, two sequels, a reboot, and a television series have been part of the franchise, with a fourth film on the way.

Exactly why fans love all things Evil Dead it may seem strange to some. After all, the series takes considerable delight in decimating the possessed corpses of the undead. Ash Williams (Bruce Campbell) has been instrumental in this, after inadvertently unleashing hell on Earth through the Book of the Dead. Since then, his weaponry choices have consistently reflected his fondness for ridding the Land of Deadites. But while the Evil Dead Films have reveled in the gore, the director and creator, Sam Raimi, was careful to imbue the series with his own inimitable style. It’s this style that manages to make the franchise’s bloodshed comical, although this approach was somewhat avoided in 2013 for the Fede Álvarez reboot.

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Opinions may still be divided on Alvarez’s addition to the franchise, but despite its differences from Raimi’s previous entries, the show’s tongue-in-cheek appeal remains firmly intact. That’s why two new Funko Pop! Ash feels completely appropriate, even if one of them is covered in blood. The new figures are currently available for pre-order, with the official launch date currently set for September 16, 2021. Funko he recently made the announcement through his official Twitter account. Check out the announcement below:

As noted above, the new Ash figures from Funko are part of The wicked dead 40th Anniversary – A milestone that will hopefully bring a variety of new collectibles. But leaving aside all the talk of collectibles, which most fans would love to see arrive during this Evil Dead anniversary is the arrival of Evil dead 4, officially known as Evil Dead Rise. Unfortunately, that movie, which will be written and directed by The hole in the ground Filmmaker Lee Cronin is scheduled to begin production in June, which means a 2021 release date is highly unlikely. However, Evil Dead Rise It doesn’t star Campbell, and as such, Funko’s Ash figures will be a reminder of the character’s impact on the ridiculously fun franchise.

It’s hard to say which version of Ash is better Funko Pop, the bloodstained version or the clean version. Some will say that the bloodstained ash better encompasses all that Evil Dead it’s about. Others, however, might point out that a clean-cut Ash is the way audiences first got to know the character and is therefore superior. Clearly, then, the only solution for any diehard Evil Dead fan is to book both. After all, a 40th Anniversary is a very special occasion for any movie, but it’s especially vital for one that helped redefine the horror genre.

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