F9 Featurette Looks Back On The Start Of The Franchise

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F9 Featurette Looks Back On The Start Of The Franchise

Universal releases a new featurette for Fast & Furious 9 / F9 that traces the history of the Fast Saga since its release in 2001.

A new featurette for Fast and furious 9 celebrate The Fast Saga by looking at its story. After multiple delays, the next installment in the car-centric franchise will finally be released in June, and with that, Universal is restarting its efforts to commercialize the film. The blockbuster is directed by Justin Lin, who returns to the series after several years and will see Dom’s gang come together again for a new mission.

F9 will kick off the final trilogy of The Fast Saga with the next two films also directed by Lin. In the next film, however, Dom will face the potentially most dangerous adversary he has ever faced in his own brother: Jakob, who is hell-bent on seeking revenge against him. It’s unclear how the pair’s fight came about, but the movie itself is ready to explain that with expected flashbacks. What makes the estranged brother Toretto that much more dangerous is that he is backed by Fate of the Furious villain, Cipher. Elsewhere, Han’s return from his presumed death is also a major plot point. While both main stories linked The Fast Saga’s past, it makes sense that the franchise’s story plays a role in its history.

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With that, Universal reveals a new featurette that tracks the Fast and Furious The full history of the universe starting with the first movie that was released in 2001. The clip includes images from the installments themselves, as well as old interviews and comments from the cast that evoke a sense of nostalgia as F9The launch is coming. Look the following video:

Looking back at the original The fast and the furious, the series has clearly come a long way. In the feature film, the cast talked about street racing culture in Rob Cohen’s Penny Project. Over the years, it has surpassed that and has become a complete action-adventure fare. Marketing for F9 He’s really been learning to highlight the story of The Fast Saga and that makes sense considering that the franchise is beginning its culmination with the next blockbuster. But, this could also mean that characters from past movies could appear in the latest installment and its two sequels just to further emphasize that there is an overall cohesive story throughout its two-decade-long run. For starters, F9 is already bringing back the rest of Fast and furious Tokyo Drift Besides Han, given this, it won’t be surprising to see other characters like Gisele at least make a cameo. Meanwhile, Luke Hobbs, Deckard Shaw, and other spin-off movie players, Hobbs and Shaw it can also appear moving forward.

In general, expect new revelations in Fast and furious 9 which will eventually connect with previous films in The Fast Saga. While Jakob is about to be introduced, it is not out of the realm of possibility that he is involved in some of Dom’s earlier adventures in a subtle way. Vin Diesel said Lin’s box office success will defy expectations, and while it usually does so in terms of action, it could also be applicable to the next story.

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  • F9 / Fast and Furious 9 (2021)Release Date: Jun 25, 2021

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