F9 Star Wants Rihanna, Matt Damon & Denzel Washington In Fast 10

adminJuly 8, 2021

F9 Star Wants Rihanna, Matt Damon & Denzel Washington In Fast 10

Tyrese Gibson has some suggestions for the cast of the F9 sequel, including a music superstar, a two-time Academy Award winner, and Jason Bourne himself.

F9 The star, Tyrese Gibson, wants to see Rihanna, Matt Damon and Denzel Washington join the next sequel. The Fast and Furious The franchise has grown quite a bit from its humble beginnings in 2001 as a street racing film to become Universal Picture’s most successful film franchise. With the launch of F9, the franchise has passed the X Men series to become the fifth highest grossing film franchise of all time.

Along the way, the cast of the Fast and FuriouThe s franchise has grown to feature a wide variety of actors. The franchise that started with Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Michell Rodriguez, and Jordana Brewster has now grown to include musicians (Ludacris, Bow-Wow, and Cardi B), professional wrestlers (Dwayne Johnson, John Cena, and Gina Carano), and even award winners. from the Academy (Helen Mirren and Charlize Theron). Each film adds impressive new members to the franchise’s history, and since the next two installments will be the last, it’s safe to assume the filmmakers will want some big names.

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Tyrese Gibson, who plays Roman Pearce in the franchise, recently spoke at a panel discussion to The African American Film Critics Association on who you would like to join the franchise. He suggests Rihanna, Matt Damon, and Denzel Washington as his picks to join the franchise for a number of reasons. Damon, in particular, seems to be because his character Jason Bourne is a Universal Pictures franchise. Read what Gibson said below:

Come on, Rihanna has to be in the next movie. She’s going to wipe out all the red carpets out there … I love her taste, she’s sexy, she’s a bad girl and I think energy wise she would be perfect for Fast and Furious. I am saying that. I put Matt Damon out there because he’s part of the Bourne franchise and that’s another Universal franchise. And I’m also putting on Denzel Washington, who is the reason I started acting in the first place. Hopefully one of my requests that I am putting in the universe will be fulfilled.

Rihanna actually has a long work history Fast and Furious director Justin Lin, while composing and singing the original song “Sledgehammer” for his 2016 film, Star trek beyond. Denzel Washington has taken on more action roles in the second half of his career as The seven magnificents Y The Equalizer. Matt Damon has made a good supporting cameo in movies like EuroTrip, Thor: Ragnarok, Y Deadpool 2, which means if the actor was willing and Universal allowed it, they could slip in a good reference to Jason Bourne.

The Hopes of Jason Bourne /Fast and Furious Crossovers coincide with many of the franchise stars talking about potential crossovers. Gibson has previously spoken about wanting to see the Transformers in a future movie, even though it is a Paramount property. Many have joked about a potential jurassic world Y Fast and Furious crossover since both are important properties of Universal Pictures. F9 He even included a funny joke that referenced Universal-owned Illumination Entertainment, The minions. The possibility of Jason Bourne joining the franchise later F9 It may seem unlikely, but not entirely impossible.

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Fountain: African American Film Critics Association

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