F9’s New Trailer Hints That Dom’s Brother Will Be Redeemed

adminApril 15, 2021

F9’s New Trailer Hints That Dom’s Brother Will Be Redeemed

The latest trailer for Fast and Furious 9 says that despite his motivation to get revenge on Dom, Jakob can still be ultimately redeemed.

A new trailer for Fast and furious 9 hints that Dominic Toretto’s brother, Jakob, may still be redeemed. The ninth installment of the main The Fast Saga will see Dom taking on him and Mia’s estranged brother. Not much is known about what actually happened between them to cause their fight, but one thing is for sure: Jakob seems hell-bent on carrying out his revenge.

Facing his own family is complicated in itself, but what makes Jakob more dangerous is that he is backed by Cipher, the main antagonist of Fate of the Furious that he is an expert strategist and a capable cyberterrorist. It is currently unclear how Dom’s brother connected with her, but it is not beyond the realm of possibility that she sought him out. As seen in his initial appearance in The Fast Saga, he tends to take advantage of his adversary’s weak points, which is why he kidnapped Elena and her secret son with Dom. This allowed Cipher to briefly control the hero of the franchise until his Allies found out what was really going on and helped him escape from their clutches.

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Given this, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that Cipher is also motivating Jakob to be tough on Dom. While there is already animosity between the brothers, she could be further irritating Jakob, obsessing him more than ever with seeking revenge. After all, it is clear that Jakob’s grudge originated from being abandoned by his older brother. As seen in the F9 trailer, Cipher asks Jakob if he can kill Dom, which in particular doesn’t get an answer. Considering that much of the film’s marketing features intense confrontations between the pair, not to mention Jakob’s menacing threat that Dom will pay to turn his back on him, it’s strange that the clip doesn’t end with him responding positively to the daring question. . If anything, this would have been a perfect opportunity for Jakob to say something cool and evil.

Fast and Furious 9 Jakob Dom

Amid its eye-catching action sequences, The Fast Saga is also known because family is its central theme. After a career spanning two decades, this is the first time that Major Toretto has faced his own flesh and blood, making Dom’s next fight with Jakob especially interesting. It is also the reason why forgiveness between siblings is not beyond the realm of possibility. For what it’s worth, Dom seems to have made some mistake in judgment here and Jakob is justifiably mad at him. So while he’s usually aggressive when dealing with his opponents, he’s mostly been quiet about facing Jakob. Previous F9 The trailers hinted that he’s actually sorry for what happened between them, and maybe if he could get close to Jakob and eliminate Cipher in his ear, his brother will turn around and make it up to him.

In a practical sense, having John Cena enrolled in Fast and furious 9 just killing him in the same movie seems like a waste. With only three films remaining in The Fast Saga, it’s more possible to see him team up with Vin Diesel and maybe even The Rock to team up as they take on Cipher, who appears to be the franchise’s overall antagonist due to his connections to villains. past. . Before that, however, Dom will have to convince his little brother that he is truly sorry for what he did to her.

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