Fan-Made Funko Imagines Bob Ross as Hulk Instead of Bruce Banner

adminSeptember 2, 2021

Fan-Made Funko Imagines Bob Ross as Hulk Instead of Bruce Banner

A fan mockup imagines what the Hulk would look like with painter Bob Ross as his human alter ego instead of Bruce Banner (in Funko Pop form).

A new high-concept fan-made Funko pop combines Bob Ross and Hulk to adorable effect. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the gigantic green superhero is the alter ego of Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo), a physicist who is the victim of his own experiment. Hulk appears for the first time in the film. The incredible Hulk (played by Edward Norton and voiced by Lou Ferrigno) and later as Ruffalo in The Avengers Films, Iron man 3, Thor: Ragnarok, and Captain Marvel. After exposure to radiation, Bruce transforms into the Hulk when he gets angry due to his increased heart rate. Banner and the Hulk possess distinctive consciences that become more intertwined as the character develops over time in subsequent Marvel movies.

Instagram user popvinylguy posted a fan-made Funko Pop mockup that imagines the Hulk with a completely different human alter ego: Bob Ross. The popular fan account is known for posting parody drawings of collectible vinyl figures ranging from product introductions to collector pranks. This latest fake Funko imagine what the Hulk would look like if he transformed into beloved painter and TV personality Bob Ross. Check out Bross Banner Funko Pop below:

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As some fans have pointed out, the late Bob Ross is perhaps the last person who should theoretically take on the job of the Hulk alter ego, as the painter is famous for his reassuring screen presence. Ross is best known for his PBS show. The joy of painting, an instructive series that teaches beginning artists how to paint landscape scenes in the attitude of a lifelong learner. The show experienced a resurgence in popularity on the Internet as later generations appreciated Ross’s wholesome and pure message and manner.

Bruce Banner, on the other hand, relies on getting angry to transform into the Hulk, so Ross might not be the ideal candidate to replace him in a theoretical universe where that would be possible. Fortunately, Marvel is not at a loss for new people to join the Hulk bloodline – in its next She hulk In the Disney + series for Phase 4, Tatiana Maslany will play Jennifer Walters, a lawyer with similar abilities to the Hulk. Marvel What if…? also reformulated the old Phase 1 Helmet actors and solidified Ruffalo’s position as the actor who canonically represents the character within the MCU. Still, it’s fun to imagine a characteristically calm Bob Ross trying in vain to transform into the Green Giant.

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Source: popvinylguy

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