Fast & Furious 9 Video Shows How They Pulled Off Practical Car Stunts

adminMay 11, 2021

Fast & Furious 9 Video Shows How They Pulled Off Practical Car Stunts

A new promo clip for Fast and Furious 9 reveals how director Justin Lin and his crew filmed the movie’s hands-on stunts.

Fast and furious 9 The promo video reveals how the movie’s hands-on car stunts were filmed. The Fast Saga enters its final trilogy beginning with the upcoming blockbuster that will mark the return of director Justin Lin in the franchise. There are plenty of things to get excited about with the new movie, including Han’s re-joining Dom’s team, and while the details of the plot are firmly kept under wraps, at least fans are assured that. F9 will deliver the exciting action sequences characteristic of the series.

Starting in 2001 as a franchise that primarily addresses street racing, The Fast Saga has evolved over the years, surpassing its original premise and becoming an action-adventure franchise entirely. Each film has featured exaggerated stunts including driving from building to building, parachuting from a plane with their cars, and most recently boarding a submarine under the ice. Given this, many look forward to what F9 has to offer and while The Fast Saga’s action scenes have become more unviable over the years, it seems Lin is adamant about making the next ones look as realistic as possible.

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What F9release is approaching, the film’s marketing is in full swing with The fast sagaThe official YouTube channel that shares a clip revealing how some of the movie’s practical car stunts were filmed. The behind-the-scenes snippets are mixed in with the film’s footage, giving an idea of ​​what the final scene of the blockbuster would look like. Look the following video:

Clearly, F9 it had destroyed many cars during production. Vin Diesel recently revealed that, like the actors joining the franchise, the vehicles featured in the films have been carefully selected, hence they have featured a wide selection of cars. These are most likely the ones driven by the main cast members and will be in a memorable sequence, like the custom of magnets installed F9. It is curious, however, what their process has been for cars that are destined to explode like the many vehicles featured in the feature.

These stunts are what make The Fast Saga movies so much fun to watch in theaters. So despite being delayed for so long due to various reasons, including the coronavirus pandemic, it made sense that Universal would choose to wait until theaters were finally open again for release. Fast and furious 9. However, as great as these stunts are, the main attraction of these films has always been their characters, particularly the bond between Dom. “family.“The next blockbuster looks like it will do its job; hopefully, it will also deliver when it comes to the emotional element of the story.

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  • F9 / Fast and Furious 9 (2021)Release date: June 25, 2021

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