Fear Street Star Explains How They Filmed 3 Movies At Once

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Fear Street Star Explains How They Filmed 3 Movies At Once

Fear Street star Kiana Madeira says filming the Netflix original trilogy was the best of both worlds between making a movie and a series.

Street of fear The star, Kiana Madeira, explained how shooting all three movies at once was the best of both worlds of film and television. The Netflix trilogy is based on a collection of books by RL Stine that began in 1989. This adaptation originated from Fox in 2015, although distribution rights eventually passed to Netflix due to the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19 ) and sale. from 21st Century Fox to Disney. Every week the streaming platform has been releasing one installment at a time.

The first entry titled Fear Street Part 1: 1994 was released on July 2, while Fear Street Part Two: 1978 hit the streaming service on July 9. The final entry, Fear Street Third Part: 1666, It will be available from July 16. It’s a slasher series that takes place in different time periods, but they all involve a witch, a curse, and murders that have taken place in Shadyside, Ohio for many years. The trilogy is directed by Leigh Janiak (Honeymoon).

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In an interview with THRMadeira spoke about the experience of filming the trilogy and her character, Deena. She mentioned that they filmed the first and third installments before shooting the second inning. Madeira talked about how filming back-to-back gave her the feeling of filming a TV show, although there was more understanding of the character’s journey than there is usually in most TV series. See below for full comments from Madeira:

We passed between the first and the third movie. We shot those two movies first. 1994 and 1666. During the whole time that we were shooting those two films, we were a bit back and forth. We were lucky that most of the things from 1666 we shot together. We were filming in Hampton, Georgia. It was so awesome. They built a village to film in. That made our job as actors so much easier. It really felt like we were in that world. After finishing the first and third movies, we went on to shoot the second movie at summer camp.

Time and workload felt series-like. What I love about cinema and these films is that we knew how it was going to end. Whereas often when I’m working on a series, we get the script as we go along, so we don’t really know how to map our characters, their story trajectory. This is like the best of both worlds. We had so much time to really immerse ourselves in our characters and shoot for five to six months, but we also knew early on the journey our characters would go on. It was a blessing to have the best of both worlds like that.

Kiana Madeira as Sarah Fier in Fear Street Part 3 1666

Since they started filming the first and third installments, it must have been a bit strange jumping from 1994 to 1666. Madeira worked with a dialogue coach to make sure the accent was correct before filming. Before his performance in Street of fear, the actor also starred in another Netflix series titled Trinkets. Given the fact that the trilogy has received generally favorable reviews so far, audiences are likely to see Madeira again in future projects.

Shooting three movies in such a short time is a huge undertaking. However, Netflix’s strategy of releasing one a week over the course of three weeks is a smart marketing move. Street of fear It has been a hot topic in recent weeks, especially since there was quite a bit of anticipation before the release of the first installment. It makes sense for actors to be content with having a greater understanding of where a character’s journey will take them, rather than portraying a character and feeling in the dark how the character develops over time. Given the popularity of this trilogy, audiences will have to wait and see how it affects future Netflix programming. The “one movie a week” release model is attractive and leaves viewers with something to look forward to.

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  • Fear Street Part 3: 1666 (2021)Release Date: Jul 16, 2021

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