Free Guy Director Still Hoping To Make It Happen

adminAugust 8, 2021

Free Guy Director Still Hoping To Make It Happen

Warner Bros. ‘live-action musical film Sesame Street, which has been delayed numerous times, could still happen, says Free Guy director Shawn Levy.

Free boy Director Shawn Levy is still hoping to do the Sesame Street the movie happens. Sesame Street resonated with both children and adults when it first aired on PBS in 1969. Combining comedy, animation, and puppet skits, Sesame Street has featured some of the most iconic characters in television history. In 2019, Warner Bros announced that fans could expect a Sesame streett live-action musical starring Anne Hathaway to hit the big screen. Previously scheduled for release in January 2021, Sesame Street He hit the brakes and has experienced numerous delays since then.

Talking with Collider, Levy, a producer on the film, reveals that he hopes the Sesame Street The movie will continue to happen and will be scheduled for theatrical release. Citing the reasons for the film’s delays due to the Hathaway schedule and the pandemic, Levy explained that Sesame Street still has a theatrical release deal, but Warner Bros.pushing much of its content onto HBO Max. “However, Levy stated that Sesame Street It could still move quickly if director Jonathan Krisel and Hathaway are open to reworking their box office earnings deals with HBO. Sesame streett shift to release on the transmitter.

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Featuring original songs composed by Bo Burham, Sesame Street is expected to feature Chance the Rapper in a supporting role. Of course, Sesame Street continues to garner strong viewership ratings for HBO and the movie has long been a must see on the big or small screen. Given Sesame Streethuge popularity, the live-action musical adaptation could be a hit for Warner Bros. Indeed, the creative forces behind the Sesame Street Film are working hard to ensure that the long-awaited film ends up debuting in the best possible light.

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Source: Collider

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