French Dispatch Photos From Owen Wilson’s Mother Give BTS Look At Film

adminOctober 8, 2021

French Dispatch Photos From Owen Wilson’s Mother Give BTS Look At Film

A new set of stunning behind-the-scenes photos from Wes Anderson’s The French Dispatch, starring Owen Wilson, arrives courtesy of his mother, Laura.

New behind-the-scenes photos from Wes Anderson’s upcoming movie The French office They have come with a different twist: they have been taken by the mother of star Owen Wilson. Anderson’s eighth live-action feature and tenth overall has fans eagerly awaiting its delayed release. With less than a month to go, the film’s promotional campaign has been typically Andersonian in its understated but often elegant glimpses of the filmmaking world.

The last time Anderson was going to release a new movie was in 2018. Isle of Dogs. The Japanese stop-motion success about dogs received two Oscar nominations, but despite the film’s success, many Anderson fans couldn’t help but feel they would have preferred a live-action effort from the director. After all, hearing the voices of Anderson’s impressive and impressive casts is one thing, but watching them perform is another. With the success of 2014 The Grand Budapest Hotel, the audience was ready to see what Anderson would do next. Now with weeks before The French office officially released, Anderson’s first live-action movie in nearly 8 years is inviting fans to some promotional offers.

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This latest look at The French office comes courtesy of W Magazine and in particular, Wilson’s mother, Laura. His photographs highlight the behind-the-scenes action of the film, from Anderson and Bill Murray candidly chatting off camera to Murray killing time in disguise doing a bit of putting on. Filming took place in February inside an abandoned felt factory in Angouleme, southwestern France, and if Anderson’s scarf isn’t proof enough, the temperature on set was cold. Fortunately, Laura Wilson was able to capture enough of the experience to keep fans guessing about the movie and its filming. Look at the pictures below:

French dispatch BTS
French dispatch BTS 2
French dispatch BTS 3
French dispatch BTS 4
French dispatch BTS 5
French dispatch BTS 6
French dispatch BTS 7
French dispatch BTS 8
French dispatch BTS 9
French dispatch BTS 10
French dispatch BTS 11
French dispatch BTS 12
French dispatch BTS 13
French dispatch BTS 14
French dispatch BTS 15

While Wilson’s mother reportedly often takes photos on Anderson’s film sets, Anderson’s brother Eric has appeared in several of his films and, perhaps most importantly, has provided some of the illustrations. Of the movies. Eric’s work can also be seen as the cover for several of Anderson’s Criterion Collection releases. As for Laura, however, her photographs manage to make a large-scale production with some of the world’s most beloved actors feel small and understated. The Wilson family is clearly very talented, and these latest photos offer more than just standard promotional images.

So far, what revisions have there been of The French office They have been encouraging, and it remains to be seen how the film will fare in awards season. But Anderson has already embarked on his next adventure, with filming currently underway on the untitled project so far. This time around, the movie appears to be even more star-studded than Anderson’s usual one, with core characters Bill Murray and Jason Schwartzman, along with newcomers Tom Hanks and Margot Robbie. For now though, there is more than enough to get excited about The French office, and the next few weeks should reveal even more of the anticipated film.

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Source: W Magazine

  • The French Office (2021)Release Date: Oct 22, 2021

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